Interesting comment in the star caught my eye

According to the MEN, “Coun Blower has not carried out his responsibilities as a councillor for some time. We have attempted to offer support to enable his return to active duty, but he has rejected this offer and chosen to resign. A decision which we very much regret.” Its starting to look like a case of yet another councillor happy to take his £10k allowance but doing nothing for it! Jumped before he was pushed maybe, then decided to blame others? If so then he needs disciplining, so I hope that this does get investigated. Interesting that other he claims that he heard reports of bullying from others? Surely that is a case of “he said she said”, what you would expect in a playground? He hasn’t actually said that anyone said anything to him? And if he isn’t turning up for meetings and still getting paid, I think I would be giving him dirty looks too, nothing to do with any disability! Another interesting fact is if he was so close to Hazel Blears MP, Paul Wilson chair of CLP and Sue Pugh Chief Whip surely if he was being bullied he would have reported it?? This sounds like a very fishy tale in my book and one which may come back and bite Mr Blower on the backside!

Strange thought today if things would have been different.

Salford%20Mental%20Health%20Service%20users%20occupy%20Salford%20Council%20Do you remember these people?

activist fighting for their rights, fighting over cuts to services that effected mental health users.Could you

imagine if they had a supportive labour  councillor who sadly suffered from the same issues on their side?

Perhaps today we would be looking at a successful campaign.instead they received no help   except for

a journalistic freelancer working on his online mag. This morning i felt pity for someone suffering and suddenly

i feel anger over someone who could have helped but stood back,

Thought of the DAY, if Salford Labour treats it’s own member suffering from a mental Illness what hope for us poor mortals

It worries me that those unfortunates suffering some form of metal illness will be treated with contempt by Salford’s Labour group if it can’t help it’s own. But one thing that worries me even more

is the fact the Swinton South Councillor failed to promote and support the user groups highlighted on the star with similar problems.

Labour in Meltdown?


“If me as an elected councillor gets treated like this by the powers that be, then what chance has the public got?”

Swinton South Councillor, Neil Blower, has resigned from the Labour Party claiming “systematic harassment and bullying” by the `powers that be’ in the Salford Labour Party. Neil is a former soldier diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but maintains that fellow councillors are claiming that he’s faking his illness, while subjecting him to some “truly vile things”.

I work with the elderly daily i have seen the effects of mental illness,violence  and the struggles people suffer ,many with inner torment and the inability to express their feelings, yes i am a political animal and on a normal day i would have no qualms to attack a man but even i would not stoop or lower myself to abuse or torment someone who is obviously having problems. Surely this does show in no uncertain terms though the real Labour party   heartless uncaring and lacking in any real passion.

Knock our schools down and rebuild at a premium

A massive expansion of Salford’s primary schools is to happen, with Brentnall, The Deans and Lower Kersal doubling in size, St Luke’s trebling in size and Charlestown Primary to re-open after its controversial closure a few years ago. Cassel Fox and Larkhill are to get another 210 places each, Holy Cross another 105 places, and the Clifton Centre is to be demolished and re-built on the same site.

The huge expansion programme is to cost a massive £14.5million but Salford City Council has managed to get developers to stump up just £17,000 from the Section 106 `kiddie bedroom tax’.

Mass migration ,family homes with no schools for the families,Labour council who failed to listen to concerns over school downsize. a recipe for disaster, LABOUR just like the witches from Macbeth,Hubble

bubble toil and trouble.

God my constipation pails into insignificance after reading this.

Strangeways  prisoner caught with FOUR mobile phones,

four chargers and four SIM cards hidden in his backside

Do you ever wonder how much we are in hock to the Chinese and the Arabs?

Have you ever thought how much of our manufacturing industry in done be the Chinese? how many of those little packets of goodies we buy are stamped made in China. Or my favourite how much of our Debt have the Arabs bought up? We are outsourcing our manufacturing base on mass what happens when we need steel, buy it cheap from the Chinese and lets hope they don’t put the price up. Lets hope to god the bloody Arabs don’t call in the debt. no worries about War when we can be made bankrupt with a phone callSmile

A must ask question for any prospective mayoral hustings. What is the criteria to get a flat in Salford.


Star date: 2nd February 2016


Langworthy councillor Paul Dennett – many people’s favourite to get the Labour Party nomination to stand as Salford City Mayor in May – last night denied any impropriety in obtaining a social housing flat at Albion Towers last summer.

Dennett, who picks up an allowance of £23,450 as Strategic Assistant Mayor, was a board member of the co-op that runs Albion Towers at the time he got the flat, and says that the Albion panel “decided that I was a suitable candidate for a tenancy”. Salford has a growing housing waiting list with an average of 27 bids for every affordable flat that becomes available in the city.

Fresh off the Salford Star,

Burying our head in the sands cures nothing.


Shock video sparks police hunt in Munich for migrant men who ‘beat up two pensioners who tried to stop them from groping a woman on the subway’

Recorded en route to Munich’s main train station, the disgraceful video shows the men – of Eastern European or Arabic origin – violently react to the protestations of two elderly German men.

Horror at German migrant centre as Syrian father is arrested for attempted murder for throwing his three young children from a first-floor window


Philip Hammond warns less than HALF of the million migrants flooding Europe are fleeing war in Syria

ATTENTION EDITORS - EMBARGOED UNTIL 2300GMTBritain's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond (C) speaks with former British police officers, who are working with Jordanian police officers in a joint initiative to train and support the Community Police, in front of a mobile community police station, during his visit to Al Zaatari refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq, near the border with Syria, February 1, 2016. REUTERS/Muhammad HamedTEMPLATE OUT

More than a million people are expected to try and get into Europe this year but speaking on a visit to refugee camps in Jordan Mr Hammond said many were economic migrants who should be sent home.

Migrant crisis 35 times worse than a year ago: 2,000 a day arrive on Greek islands despite perilous winter seas

In a sign that the crisis is not easing, figures from the UN’s refugee agency show that 58,547 entered Europe via Greece (pictured, port of Piraeus) in January, compared with 1,694 a year ago.


If you have ever fancied living in a house with a difference then look no further than this Salford property which is going on the market with Urban Vision.

Salford City Council has put Peel Green Cemetery lodge up for sale.