I read this today from the so called peoples paper.Sad really when i saw the pictures from a National paper of the reality.

JEREMY CORBYN’S insistence that we must not allow “fear or the voices of hatred to divide or cow us,” following the deadly events in Westminster, is wise advice.

His counsel of unity and letting the police carry out their responsibilities without a chorus of ill-judged allegations and supposition meets the needs of the situation.

It stands in contrast to the usual self-publicist renta-gob politicians and commentators who are happy to exploit other people’s grief to peddle their divisive obsessions.

Most politicians have followed advice to adopt a united and dignified attitude towards Wednesday’s unmitigated horror.

They have pointed to the magnificent response by the emergency services and NHS health professionals to events as they unfolded and paid tribute to unarmed police officer Keith Palmer who was murdered as he carried out his duties outside Parliament.

Morally stunted individuals of the ilk of Nigel Farage, Arron Banks and Katie Hopkins blame multiculturalism and mass immigration for “inviting in terrorism.”

They propagate the slander that Muslims and their religion, Islam, are directly or indirectly to blame for an atrocity committed by an individual.


The reality a man who gave his life for freedom the other a murdering radical extremist.

The Prime Minister said the attacker was believed to be inspired by Islamist ideology

I paused a second after reading this and thought, where are these people being radicalised?who is teaching that a religion of peace  is today one of murder? followers of this religion have practiced forever, integrating with the wider community,never have i seen what we see today.  The hate is growing many of us live in fear unsure of where the next act or atrocity will materialise. We cannot damn a religion for a minority of it’s followers but those who preach hate must be sought out and face the full force of the law.

Can you read this and not feel anger.

Second victim of London terror attack named – mum killed as she picked up her kids from school .From a defender of the public  to the innocent doing her daily tasks,their families face devastation. It angers me the people who commit these acts are probably known to the authorities, how many have we let in to the country while holding out the hand of friendship only having it cut off.