The stark realities of New Labours Open Door immigration.

Migrant baby boom that’s cost 80,000 children the school places they wanted and led to pupils being sent miles away from their homes

  • Migrant baby boom puts huge strain on education system in some areas
  • Estimates say as many as 80,000 pupils were denied first choice of school
  • Further 20,000 had all preferences, six in some in cases, totally ignored
  • Decade of New Labour’s open-door immigration a driving cause of crisis


Something that gets forgotten on their leaflets…

Nigel is on course for a win….

Nigel Farage enjoys a pint to mark St George’s Day. He is ahead of Tory Craig Mackinlay, top right

Research privately commissioned by the anti-Brussels party revealed he has opened up a significant gap ahead of Tory candidate Craig Mackinlay in race to win the Kent seat on May 7.

Figures also show that Mr Farage has met more voters over the past month than his Labour and Tory rivals put together.

Raising a pint of bitter to celebrate St George’s Day in the constituency today, Mr Farage said: “There is a buzz and momentum about the Ukip campaign with two weeks to go.”

He insisted the findings demolish claims that he has been barely visible in the constituency and is heading for defeat.

The poll of over 1,000 voters in South Thanet put Mr Farage on an expected vote share of 39 per cent at the general election.

This statement says it all…..

I own Labour boasts Red Len: Union boss says party has ‘been

built to serve us’ in another humiliation for Miliband

Spotlight on Nigel farage

Great program here we see the real man.passionate in his beliefs. We go forward and i like many others are proud to follow him.

Labour canvassers getting worse?

Craig Parker, 44, was bathing sons Jack, 9, and Ben, 6, when the woman knocked at his home in Euxton near Chorley, Lancs.

Asked how he would vote, he said he liked Nigel Farage and would vote for Ukip candidate Mark Smith.

But he was disgusted when the canvasser, seeking support for Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle, said: “Well I’m very sorry that you are going to vote for a public schoolboy who was a banker and is now a ******.” 

Mr Parker said: “I was lost for words. My young children upstairs heard the whole thing – I was absolutely disgusted.

Things are looking better .

Sources in Ukip’s campaign say that at least 22 constituencies around the country are winnable for the anti-Brussels party on polling day on May 7.

Until this week, Ukip has been concentrating its resources on trying to win 10 key target constituencies including Thurrock, Castle Point and South Thanet.

But party activists are reported to have found unexpectedly high levels of support while canvassing in other parts of the country.

As a result, a further dozen constituencies were added to the hit list earlier this week, including some previously seen as insurmountable Tory bastions.

One Ukip campaign insider said: “We are picking up very exciting signs from the doorsteps.

“Our support is not only rock solid but growing and we think we are winning over voters with a positive and optimistic campaign based around our policies and key issues.”

New seats added to the Ukip target list include Tory-held Aylesbury, North West Cambridgeshire and Waveney and Labour-held Hartlepool.

Ukip canvassers say Tory support is proving “soft” in many once true-blue heartland areas, with many former Tory voters said to be turned off by the party’s “negative” campaign tactics.

They also believe there are large numbers of “shy Ukippers” among the electorate who do not declare their allegiance to opinion pollsters but will back Mr Farage’s “People’s Army” on polling day.

And morale in Ukip ranks is high after the party’s campaign was boosted by donations totalling £1.3million from Daily Express owner Richard Desmond.

What can you say?

A London mayor who ‘cynically perverted’ the religious feeling of his Muslim community and ‘silenced his critics with accusations of racism and Islamophobia’ has been removed from office after a bitter legal battle with voters.

Disgraced Lutfur Rahman repeatedly played the ‘race card’ in his bid to seize the mayoralty of Tower Hamlets and later cling to power, Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey found today.

The judge ordered that last year’s mayoral election be run again and Rahman – who was re-elected to the position after forming his own party, Tower Hamlets First – be barred from standing again.

Rahman, who was not in court for the judgement, was ordered to pay £250,000 costs following an Election Court trial estimated to have run up legal bills in the region of £1 million.

The judge said the case ‘starkly demonstrated what happens when those in authority are afraid to confront wrongdoing for fear of allegations of racism and Islamophobia’.

He added: ‘Even in the multicultural society which is 21st century Britain, the law must be applied fairly and equally to everyone. Otherwise we are lost.’

Thanks again for the teams that came out today.

IMG_20150423_121736691Lovely day great meeting one elderly gentlemen

that served in bomber command, he was some character a pleasure to talk to. I have to thank my colleague’s for all the leaflets they managed to get out, great party spirit lets

hope we can make a breakthrough we need.

Thinking of voting labour then think again.

I’ve got Ed Miliband in my pocket, boasts Salmond:

Secret footage reveals SNP bigwig claiming he will

write the Labour Party budget after the election…

Surely someone must sit up and listen to how free movement across the EU is a disaster.

Gangmasters blighting Britain: Shocking report reveals how EU’s border rules leave UK wide open to people traffickers and benefits scams

  • Free movement rules allow Eastern European gangs to run with ‘impunity’
  • Human traffickers operate huge benefit frauds in the UK, report warns
  • Vile trade also includes sale of girls for prostitution and sham marriages



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