Before the lefties scream Racist,tell me how fair is this to those without homes or these without chance to fit on a list growing day by day.

Hundreds of Syrian refugees to be housed in UK city plagued by homelessness

A MAJOR city has pledged to house hundreds of Syrian refugees despite being gripped by homelessness and demands for social housing.


Birmingham will take 500 Syrian refugees  

Birmingham will take 500 Syrian refugees

Birmingham city councillors will “put their arms out to welcome” 500 migrants under the Tory Government’s resettlement scheme. 

There were 18,834 individual applicants on the council’s homeless register as well as 464 homeless families in 2009 according to a Freedom of Information Act request

Lithuania running short of Lithuanians as they are all in Britain.

As many as 200,000 Lithuanians have arrived in Britain from the tiny eastern European nation under relaxed European border laws.

Many more have headed for other rich European nations such as Germany and France – and the entire population of Lithuania has shrunk by around ONE THIRD since 1995 to under 3m.

The loss of the former Soviet bloc nation’s brightest and best – and the backbone of its workforce – has left Lithuania facing crippling economic problems and the absolute necessity of recruiting refugee labour to fill in the gaps.