Open borders = this


The park (and take you for a ride) beggars: ‘Homeless’ gang drives to Cambridge in a Romanian car, feeds a meter with coins… and then heads off scrounging for the day in the city centre

We have created a problem that needs to be rectified,today we have a society that is at breaking point how long can we tolerate  people who see this country a s a free ride? many people who have worked all their lives suddenly find themselves unable to gain access to services,the ability to gain medical help and struggling to find their rights eroded to see others reap the benefits that they have worked for.  

People in stoke want change says ex Labour campaigner

Tariq Mahmood, a former Labour campaigner who became disillusioned with the left-wing party politics, said the electorate’s response to the eurosceptic party had been positive.

Ukip’s Stoke-on-Trent South parliamentary candidate in 2015 told the “Out of every 10 door knocks, I would say at least four have been pro-Ukip. I’ve been going out at least every second or third day to campaign for those votes.

“It has always been a dictatorial attitude with Labour, people are fed up and they want change.”