That’s a turnup

Labour could be forced to re-open its nomination process for the leadership contest if a high court judge rules on Thursday that Jeremy Corbyn must have the support of his MPs to appear on the ballot.
The court heard yesterday from lawyers for a Labour donor, Michael Foster, that the leadership contest rules make “no trace of distinction” between an incumbent leader and a challenger, and thus both should be required to seek nominations.

The sad reality, real people suffering under the burden of migration,

They came up on our beach, right there,” said Dimitrios Vatis, 71, an owner of the Aphrodite Hotel, pointing to his pebbly beach on a secluded cove.
He said members of his staff would excuse themselves from the hotel restaurant and run down to carry the children ashore.
Sitting at a table by the wine-dark sea, the hotelier flipped open his reservation books and sighed. For 2015, the pages were all coloured in red, meaning almost every room was booked. For 2016, it’s almost all white, meaning empty.
“We feel nobody cares about us. Nobody takes a moment to think of the cause and effects of these things,” Vatis said. “We hear them. They call us fascists now, because we complain. But we helped the refugees before anyone! Before the NGOs, before the U.N., we helped them. Now, if you’re even a little bit anti-
immigrant, if you say, ‘Wait a minute,’ you’re a fascist.” Its easy to scream fascist, it’s easy to say we can house and feed millions when we see our own go homeless and without food,it’s easy to show little concern when jobs are lost,but when you scream out the facts you are branded a fascist from the left.The reality is the left live in a bubble of self denial. We allow people across our borders without identification without the knowledge of their past in that way we see the tragedy opening  like a book, you did not have to be a mind reader or some one who claims to predict the future, it was there before our eyes. Today we see countries who in the past had a dependence on tourism destabilised and the countries in the forefront of antiterrorism facing rabid butchery of it’s people. . We must close our borders and force out of this country those who would put our people in harms way. The German chancellor and the bureaucrats of the EU have a lot to answer for,the sooner we leave the EU and take back our country from the threat of terror cannot come soon enough,

British Churches on alert.

What year are we in,when are churches fear attack?when man of god fear reprisals from people who preach hate and violence is a day we need to step back and wonder what have we allowed to happen.The bile sticks in my throat from the attack yesterday on a defenceless priest, i hope  this man reaches his heaven after years of preaching peace to be cut down by animals.

Fireman Sam dragged into Britain’s PC culture.

What next?do we really care about fireman Sam’s alleged mistake?i for one don’t.

The religion of peace why do i find it hard to believe?

Priest, 86, is ‘beheaded’ by two ‘Islamic knifemen’ after taking nuns and worshippers hostage at French church before police shoot them both dead and search building for explosives.What in gods name has this man ever done,i am not religious but to kill a priest what kind of people are we fighting. 

I call this picture Salford in Bloom what we lack in flowers we make up in other colourful ways.


Imagine how long this would remain if it was the QUAYS?

If. i think that should read when.


I wonder how many more dead and injured will it take before the left admit they where wrong.


They scream race but in reality they fear to face the facts that we were right, what we have created is a security issue,French and German citizens have faced the wrath of elements of people who are intent on harming innocents to further their cause. What must it take the death of our own?we must strengthen our borders and follow Australia without security we are leaving ourselves open to disaster. 

The German Chancellors legacy to Germany

A Syrian refugee wielding a machete has killed a woman and injured two other people in the southern city Reutlingen, police say.
The 21-year-old man has been arrested and was apparently acting alone, they added.

Bullied Cllr and Bullied employees who works in a place like this.

One in ten council workers say they have been bullied at work.

The results of an internal staff survey in Salford come as fresh allegations are being made of bullying at a council-run bin depot.  About 26 per cent of all staff completed a questionnaire – more than 1,000 – and 100 said they had experienced bullying behaviour at some point.

The new claims at the bin depot have been made less than a year after a boss was disciplined following an investigation.