Mr Corbyn came under fire from his Labour leadership rivals last night in a Channel 4 TV debate in which he insisted levels of immigration into Britain were ‘very small’.

He said government figures showing net migration reached a record high of 330,000 last year were ‘misleading’ – and the benefits available to migrants should not be cut.

But he was criticised by Andy Burnham, Labour’s health spokesman, for not offering policies on immigration which would win back voters.

Mr Corbyn was asked by presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy whether he would put ‘any restrictions’ in place to cut migrant numbers.

He replied: ‘There are restrictions already, the only free movement is for Europeans. The amount of net immigration is actually very small. And immigrants as a whole are net contributors to the economy.’

Mr Corbyn added: ‘I think restricting benefits is really the wrong agenda to go down.’

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper criticised him over his links to extremist groups. She said Mr Corbyn’s appearances alongside Hamas and other groups risked legitimising their views.

Mr Burnham said Mr Corbyn was guilty of ‘making excuses’ for Russian president Vladimir Putin’s incursion into the Ukraine. But Mr Corbyn angrily denied the claim.

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Salford Council is aiming to kick around 7,000 people off its housing waiting list under a new allocations policy which will also see children housed in towerblocks and penalties for refusing available properties.

The Council admits in a report that, due to the lack of social housing, “most applicants have little chance of ever being re-housed”.


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Sorry i thought it was funny..

Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn said the assassination of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden was a ‘tragedy’

  • Jeremy Corbyn said bin Laden should not have received the ‘death penalty’
  • He called it a ‘tragedy’ after 9/11 attacks and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Critics called it ‘frightening’ that Mr Corbyn called for bin Laden to be tried
  • Spokesman said: ‘Jeremy is a total opponent of Al Qaeda, all it stands for’

I wonder what our American allies must be thinking and the families of the dead British servicemen. The man is a throwback from the old days of British Leyland strikes and tin baths but

why worry the Labour party lefties may vote for him but the British Public will leave him the same as they did Foot.

Well my answer to  that is simple first he would have to seek a mandate from the British people, the Falkland islanders  inclusive of the relatives of many of the brave men who fought and died their, could that happen? no.  Corbyn will lead Labour for decades into the political wilderness and to that end we will never have to suffer his out-dated socialist policies.