Can things get any worse for Labour?

Among non-Labour voters the judgment on the party is even harsher – 77 per cent do not believe that Labour has the right leader and 73 per cent do not ­believe it has the right policies.

The poll found 71 per cent of this group believe Labour has lost touch with working-class people.

Almost half of those surveyed believe it should do more to “appeal to people’s aspiration and ambition”.

One senior backbench MP told the Sunday Mirror: “This shows what we have known all along. There is a fundamental problem with the Labour Party at the ­moment.

“I don’t think it’s as simple as ­saying that it’s the leader.”

Thought of the day

We are a small party fighting against great odds,we have a  new leader that put his head above the parapet in Stoke  and failed ,but he earns my respect,he had the balls to do it.  It worries me when i see the ex leader of this party openly criticise a fellow member ,to be honest that’s not cricket, we should be rallying around our leader and offering support,perhaps Nigel likes the sound of his voice .In regards to Mr Banks we elect people to post within this party i for one cannot except someone who threatens to take home their ball. If Mr Banks were to be given the post of chair it would be the final straw for many, yes we needs the money but remember the party cannot not be held to ransom.