Strange we have a gunman dressed in military fatigues shooting people and the reaction from our political leaders below.

The silence is almost deafening…. 


Government’s decision to delay placing a cap on elderly care costs until 2020 is a broken promise to some of the most vulnerable people in society

The Government’s decision to delay placing a cap on elderly care costs until 2020 is a “broken promise” to some of the most vulnerable people in society, says UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours.

Under its original plan, from April 2016 the costs people face for care over the age of 65 was to be limited to £72,000 over the course of their lifetime. Now it has been delayed until 2020 after the Local Government Association wrote to ministers earlier this month asking for a postponement because of the “enormous pressures” they said they were facing.

Ms Bours, UKIP MEP for the North West and a member of the Europe for Freedom and Direct Democracy group in the European Parliament, said: “This is a kick in the teeth to thousands of elderly people.

“They are among the most vulnerable members of our society and the care cap was an eminently sensible idea, not just in a financial sense but also by way of reassuring people about their future.

“Putting it back for five years – by which time there will be another general election – is yet another broken promise from David Cameron’s government.

“And isn’t this just typical – the Tories making a big fuss of the elderly before an election and then pulling the rug from under them straight after one.

“As for the LGA, I have no doubt that its members are under pressure – but it could help itself by reducing some of the enormous salaries at the top end of the public sector payroll.”

Update Paul Massey shot dead.

Lets hope we have the bodies on the street to control this, i hope this will not be the catalyst of tit for tat shootings,i met Paul four years ago during the Mayoral election and i understood his past but god this act tonight worries me,what’s next when shootings start where does it end and the innocent parties that could end up in the middle

Shooting in Clifton Salford’s Paul Massey shot.

Salford again stained with Gun crime how we are to tackle this when the cities law is stripped to the bone god only knows.What next gang warfare and tit for tat shootings.

GMP will be left with just 4,800 bobbies thanks to the latest round of Government cost-cutting

A city policed by PCSOs on push bikes,crime is on the rise and people are today living in fear,what next mob rule and no go areas? Perhaps we should be turning to group 4.Steaming mad

Salford Labour appear to have endorsed Left wing candidate for Leadership of the Party.

Mr Corbyn seems to have been voted through, hmm sadly by whom god knows, it seems one senior Cllr was a little perturbed on not having a say.Well that’s Socialism Salford Labour style.Labour call my party fascist but at least we have the privilege of the vote.

Three pound doesn’t get you a lot these days or does it? well if you not a Labour supporter send in your three pounds to get your vote for these two. Bargain and it saves all the shoe leather and leaflets campaigning to rid us of Labour.


Are Labour that desperate for cash they have allowed themselves to be outflanked by the left wing community?

Labour members not allowed to join another party but anyone who bungs us £3 can have a leadership vote. Trot Tory Green whoever. Bonkers.

Who’s to blame ? i thought it laid squarely on red eds doorSmile

Something missing from the Council real opposition.

SalfordLibDemHappyDaysRepresentation that went further than the last bus stop from Worsley.

Love this poll in the MEN should Stewart stand again for Mayor. i think he should with the Labour Leadership locally and Nationally going pear shape i say bring it on.

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