Hmm any thoughts on this?

Labour leadership favourite Andy Burnham in expenses row over claiming £17,000 a year to rent London flat – despite having his own nearby

  • Shadow health secretary paid £1,449.98 a month to cover rent for a flat
  • Mr Burnham owns own two-bed flat within walking distance of Westminster
  • He began renting after MPs were banned from claiming mortgage interest
  • Former standards commissioner criticised the arrangement as ‘wrong’


The Office for National Statistics today showed that net migration for 2014 hit a record 318,000, an increase of 109,000 on 2013. The ONS reported that 285,000 people came to work in the UK last year. That is a city the size of Nottingham.
The Conservatives have again and again failed on their promise to get immigration down to the “tens of thousands”.

Only UKIP has the sustainable and suitable immigration policy

Must keep an eye on Mrs Long bailey this year.

I wonder will Salford’s love for Labour Pan out?

Sad the elections over and Cllr Warmisham is still trawling the internet for anti UKIP stories.


John Warmisham@Cllrjwarmisham 14h14 hours ago

Failed Ukip candidate launches anti-semitic attack on ‘Jews hijacking the party’

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We don’t give a damn if your Jewish .Muslim or what ever,call down and see the real UKIP.

Who are Labour trying to kid

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Great work if you can get it,what next the Mayor?


At a turbulent Annual General Meeting of the Co-operative Group, held in Manchester over the weekend, Hazel Blears became a Member-Nominated Director (MND) on a basic fee of £60,000 a year which will take up `a minimum of approximately one to two days a month’.

God do i agree with this

‘Give Scots the lot and let them sink’ says Lord Jones to David Cameron

DAVID Cameron should give the keys to the coffers to Nicola Sturgeon and let her bankrupt Scotland, former CBI Director General Lord Digby Jones says today.

Call her bluff and see how long Scotland would survive.How long would they continue to get their free prescriptions and Education?

Good news know let get on with buisness

Ukip war is OVER: ‘People’s Army’ must be ready to lead EU referendum battle, vows MP

SENIOR Ukip officials vowed yesterday to leave behind the party’s bitter post-election feud and unite to get Britain out of the EU.

Who are the real Tory voters?

little-britain-blackamoor Hmm i often wondered blue rinse, Volvo drivers? for the love of me i could never figure how they survive

outside Worsley but sadly they still have enclaves, our job must be to win them over. to often both parties end up fighting for the same vote share, it comes as no surprise Labour have an easy ride in the city.

How far do the unions have their hooks into Labour?Love the quote Securing the support of red Len is the kiss of death.

Labour was last night plunged into a civil war as Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy quit – and launched a savage attack on Unite boss Len McCluskey.

An enraged Mr Murphy – furious at the union leader’s role in forcing his resignation – said that securing the support of Mr McCluskey was ‘a kiss of death’ rather than ‘a badge of honour’ for a politician.

He said: ‘It is a grotesque insult to our thousands of volunteers, from someone who pays occasional fleeting visits to our great country.

‘Labour’s problem is not the link with trade unions, it is the destructive behaviour of one high-profile trade unionist.

‘I don’t serve at the grace of Len McCluskey and the next leader of the UK Labour Party should not be picked by Len McCluskey.’


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