Salford in turmoil during the riots how far have we got.


Police withdrawing from the streets while the youth take out it’s anger, a lost youth with no jobs,no money and no future,turning like pack animals to crime what have we done to identify the issues? the ones i spoke with yesterday look back in shame  while those coming up through the ranks share the same anger and a feeling of being forgotten.


Wow is this the growing roots of the New Labour movement?

A Labour Party and Momentum official sports the flag of North Korea in her Twitter bio and says she has “solidarity” with the communist pariah state:

Sarah Cundy, who is the Canterbury CLP Youth Officer and Canterbury Momentum Chair, reckons the DPRK is “willing to stand up to imperialism” and “has weapons to keep themselves and their population safe”, concluding “I’d rather have solidarity with DPRK than the USA”:

Who would ever think we would see the day a Labour leader quotes amazing cutting jobs am i a Luddite no but the Mayor is no bloody socialist.


Salford City Council has announced plans to cut one quarter of all jobs in a move towards unstaffed self-service libraries, to save almost £550,000. Clifton Library, for instance, will be open for longer hours but only three hours a week, out of 18, will be staffed. Volunteers will ‘provide support’.

The Council is to bring in new Open+ technology in the move towards self service, with upgrades to existing IT equipment. A ‘click and collect’ service and self access computers will be available at seven new locations. Salford Mayor, Paul Dennett, describes the move as “amazing and such a bonus for the people of Salford”…