Love the comments from Maureen Lipman on Mr Corbyn.

Maureen Lipman has issued a dire warning of the dangers of a Corbyn-led Labour Party, saying: ‘Be very, very afraid.’

In a devastating critique of the new leader, the actress revealed she has now voted for the party for the last time. And she poured scorn on the notion that Corbyn was somehow a new departure for British politics.

She argued that although Corbyn was supposed to be ‘a breath of fresh air’, he was nothing of the sort. 

Vote Tory and this is the result.

Blind wheelchair user who can’t speak told to attend ‘work-focused interview’

A PARALYSED and blind teenager who has the mental age of a three-month-old baby was told by Government officials to attend a ‘work-focused interview’ – even though she can’t speak.The Tories think by claiming benefits you are scum,low life’s, the Larger swilling louts of Britain, the reality they are attacking those our systems were set up to protect.

Is it me or do you find the story shocking German women evicted to make way for migrants?


German woman becomes the second to be evicted from her home to make room for migrants – as the country begins printing its constitution in Arabic for refugees to learn

German woman evicted from her home to make room for migrants

Gabrielle Keller, 56, (pictured with her termination notice) has been given until the end of the year to leave her home of 23 years in the southern town of Eschbach to make way for migrants arriving from the Middle East. The 56-year-old condemned the move, saying: ‘I think it’s a scandal to throw tenants out of their apartments. I can’t see the sense of it.’ Her case comes days after it emerged that a nurse was being evicted from her home of 16 years for the same reasons. Bettina Halbey, 51, received a letter from her landlord telling her that her building was being turned into a refugee shelter.