What’s needed to be the new Interim mayor for Greater Manchester, Key asset YOU WEAR A RED ROSE…

But while the role is effectively toothless, many see it as a potential training ground for someone looking to run in two years’ time.

Although technically anyone can apply, effectively candidates must either be a senior council figure, MP or the police commissioner.

And the successful applicant will almost certainly be Labour – due to the party dominating the selection panel of 10 leaders.

Great to see the fleet growing


As the interview ended, Mr Paxman appeared not to realise his microphone was still live as he asked Miliband: ‘Are you OK, Ed? Are you alright.’ Mr Miliband replied: ‘Yeah.’

I wonder if someone struggles with Paxman how would he fair under the pressure of a world crises, Labour again showed they picked the wrong man,

One more gem from the Salford star my dream is one day the star gets enough cash to run it’s magazine across the city and those suffering from apathy will wake up.


Star date: 26th March 2015


As more cuts to the city’s vulnerable people begin to bite, over the last twelve months Salford City Council has paid out £219,065 to a company called Capital Properties to manage Greengate Square and its fountains. This works out at over £4,000 a week.

The fountains and the Greengate Square public space originally cost £13million of public money.

Sad really coming from the Greens

Screen Shot 03-26-15 at 02.05 PM

Someone concerned over their livelihood and a response from someone who shoots his self in the foot with regularity.

Been here years but now we’re very endangered” says Robert Green of Perri Gola “We don’t have any objection to the residents’ car parking scheme but all we’re asking for is two permits, one to park our car and one for our customers. There is literally nowhere to park.

“We knew this was coming two years ago so we asked for permits, then last week we phoned up because we were getting a bit concerned and they just said `You’ve been rejected’” he explains “We’ve tried everything. Perri has even offered to buy a permit – `No‘. We’ve offered to pay for our customers to park in the Council car park – `No. We own the property and have asked if we could have a parking permit down a side street, anywhere – `No‘… We’ve phoned three councillors and got no response; we’ve even asked to speak to the Mayor – `Under no circumstances can you speak to the Mayor’.

Howard Balkind wrote

at 5:34:18 AM on Thursday, March 26, 2015

as the Swinton South Labour Councillor I was most upset to read your above article. I had never been contacted by Peri. One meeting and the matter is sorted out. His shop will receive 4 parking permits for his customers. A bit of praise from the editor would be appreciated. Pity the UKIP candidate is all mouth and no action. Regards

You have to laugh the business in QUESTION is situated in Swinton North and i would presume the owners have spoken to the Cllrs who represent that ward, of Course Mr Balkind probably struggles to find the boundaries only coming out before May elections. It concerns me that the people who own this business have tried to get help and have been found wanting it takes sites like the star to highlight failures of the ruling LABOUR group.Sad that the likes of Cllr Balkind  have to be offensive for example the UKIP candidate is all mouth and no action, he is the councillor does he feel it my job to get the permits for the business? he gets paid well enough for the task. Last year i felt  we proved the dismay with Labour in Swinton when Mr Balkinds majority was slashed but then i do understand he must be worried shame though he has to print this level of attack.

Well Nick Clegg seems to have gone missing from LIberal Democrat Leaflets Hmm along with Salford.s Mayor on Labours.

Is it me but all the Labour material seems to have lost it’s figure head and LEADER the Mayor or am i not looking in the wrong corner?

Keep look out for our PPCS

Both our candidates have been doing the husting and visit scene, if you wish to talk with our have them call you drop me  a line on the site or pay a visit to our new office on Liverpool Road.

Look out for your Claremont, Ordsall and Winton Leaflets coming soon.

Three  more sets of leaflets delivered and should be hitting the doorsteps within the next couple of days thanks for those helping with the preparation.

Only saying

Council’s housing service criticised

Council houses

A new housing company has now been established

A council has been criticised in an independent report over the “poor” quality of its housing services.

Salford City Council was given no stars by inspectors who highlighted its “serious weaknesses”.

The Audit Commission said it did not focus sufficiently on customer needs and was wasting some of its £114m budget.

The city council has promised “radical changes” to improve its service.

Lacking strategy

Salford – which is the 28th most deprived area in the UK – has almost 30,000 council homes.

But its service was criticised for not being cost effective and lacking strategy.

Inspectors were also worried that repair work on some properties, including gas servicing, was falling behind.


Salford City Council’s lead member for housing, Councillor John Warmisham, said it accepted the criticisms of the report.

Old story yes but does it say something? only saying.


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