Well out of the four characters i know which i would choose..

  • New poll has shown which TV characters voters associate with leaders
  • David Cameron is described as Dick Dastardly and Ed Miliband as Mr Bean
  • Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is compared to Fred from cartoon Scooby Doo
  • While Ukip leader Nigel Farage is likened to the actor Ray Winstone

    The migration chaos left by Labour: Over 13 years one immigrant came into the UK every minute and number of people in Britain born abroad rose by 3.6million

    • During ‘open door’ years of 1997 and 2001 the number of immigrants rose
    • Population was equivalent to the population of Britain’s five largest cities
    • Report found 7.23million immigrants were allowed to arrive in that time
    • Figure doesn’t include offspring born in UK or those who entered illegally
    • Relaxation of visas, bogus students and asylum seeker ‘amnesty’ blam

    Early pictures coming in of the Tory leaders answer to debates with UKIPs leader.


    What do the Liberal Democrat leader and Salford Labours leader have in common?

    download (1)You wont find any them on their prospective candidates leafletsSmile

    If you get chance read the book or watch the film before you allow a return of Blair “"2


    One more disgraceful story seeping out of the council


    Star date: 4th March 2015


    Salford Council and City Mayor Ian Stewart have not been held accountable in public for their actions and policies for over three months, apart from one meeting about budget cuts.

    In January the Council voted to cut the number of its scrutiny committees to five but since then only one of those committees, which are supposed to hold the Mayor and Council to account, has met with the public informed.

    Full details here…

    Thinking of voting Labour?

    Now bins are emptied just one a month: Labour-run council becomes first in UK to announce trial of four-weekly collections

    • Fife Council is first local authority in UK to announce monthly bin pick-ups
    • Controversial trial will see rubbish left uncollected for up to four weeks

    Could someone define Racism for me

    It shocks me to be attacked for being racist by labour and the other parties and when i ask to define it no one will. In UKIP no on told me as chair i should monitor a persons skin colour or country of origin  every one no matter who they are have been made welcome. our membership secretary is do i use the word coloured or black i forget the words i must use under the guidance of PC but she is a fabulous person and a good friend.No the issue is control not a persons skin colour but if Labour and the MEDIA choose to run scare stories so be it, i will guide our members to fight on issues effecting Salford at no time will race be mentioned the press sink lower in the gutter to drag out a minority of this party along with the other parties they have an agenda and we will never sink in to that pit.   

    Great day in Ordsall today but it was bloody cold.


    Amazing that no one seems to have a clue who their Labour councillors are case work on the books already ~Labour failing the people again.

    The leaders view

    What matters is that we succeed on May 7 and that we get a good number of Ukip MPs over the line and that in hundreds of constituencies in this country we have the opportunity to build ourselves from second position in those seats as the real oppostion.

    And I certainly think that in the north of England this election will see Ukip emerge as the opposition to the Labour party virtually anywhere from Birmingham to Hadrian’s Wall.

    I can tell you I am optimistic, I am upbeat, I am bullish, we are going to exceed all expectations, we are going to win lots of seats in this general election and I hope very much to be leading this party, not just into this general election, but into all the elections to come. In years to come we have elections in Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland and London and we are genuinely now the only truly national party in British politics.


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