Salford’s £192k ‘boost’ a Gordon Brown ruse

It was announced on Monday that the Government was handing Salford Council an extra grant of £192,000 in reward for successfully promoting economic growth in their area.

it turns out the government’s news release was all smoke and mirrors – the money is already in the council’s coffers.
Salford Council have already committed the money to supporting the BBC Philharmonic.
Last year the Money to sponser the Philharmonic was put into the Chief Executives Budget, is it hidden there still. We have asked the Question. Hope we do not have to wait to long.

Crime is on the way down?

Well this week i recived more good news crime is falling. it’s a shame that some one forgot to tell the residents of one estate i visited yesterday. Burgulry is rampant, well the police say if you don’t call how are we supposed to deal with the problem. Problem is this week i have come across one more case which as gone to court and collapsed. Try telling a resident she did the right thing. Any comments

Swinton Precinct Is It Terminal,who’s to blame?

It’s funny can any one remember Pendlebury market?you had trouble parking to go and have a look round. But Salford Labour run council sell off the site and move the stall holders to Swinton Precinct. Know it’s dead shops are closing and the powers that be don’t wont to talk. Mrs Blears our so called MP said we should listen to the people.we gathered 4.000 petitions and put them before Salford body listened Hazel. Well lets hope the people of this city have a good memory in 2010.