New Labour Working For You? Or Themselves.

UntitledEccles Ian Stewert. Expenses £149.774

                            Travel £14.934

Salford Hazel Blears Expenses £148.335

                            Travel £16.562

Worsley Barbera Keeley Expenses £ 133.814

                                 Travel £ 17.502.


And to rub salt in the wounds they are getting a pay rise. Are they worth all this money. Well i am a little biased  NO 

The British National Party Rascist or not.

What do i think? they may of learned how to tone down there Leaflets but i still see Racist.What saddens me is the increased level of their vote. Funny over the years how groups have been targeted if not for their religion then for the  colour of there skin. Day by day i see so many of our youth with limited education,no jobs and no future, failed by this and past governments. Each one i spoke with used  terrible racial slurs,i can’t on a Blog use the tone of their comments but i worry what the future holds. It’s people like the BNP who thrive on there bitterness.What concerns me even more is when a by election takes place within a city i represent neither my own party or the others focused on this problem

Huge stash of police uniforms found – Broughton



Question where the hell do you get old police uniforms from? you only have to think how serious this is. Taking it to the extreme i have just spent three hours discussing terrorism with Councilors and police from Manchester.I hope the police get a result on this one 

Officers have recovered a huge stash of police uniforms and equipment from a flat in Salford.

Yesterday, Monday 30 March 2009, officers executed a warrant at a flat on Cottenham Lane, Lower Broughton.

They recovered more than 100 PCSO uniforms, as well as hundreds of police batons, jackets, body armour, handcuffs and CS spray holders.

It is believed the uniforms, which had old Metropolitan police badges sown onto them, were being sold on the streets of Manchester for hundreds of pounds.

When will we get the facts?

Tenant turns to courts to halt near-£5 rent rises

March 19, 2009

A TENANT has taken out a court order in a bid to prevent his rent rising by almost £5 a week.

Neil Hill has obtained an injunction against City West Housing and also Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Salford MP Hazel Blears. He hopes his action will at least halt the rises due to come into effect on April 1.

Cllr Merry as used this issue to play politics .after his shameless attack on opposition Councillors who sit on the City West Board. I have read a statement from Tim Doyle the city west Chief Executive and i hope it is made public soon. I have only one comment lets not forget the real people who are suffering with this rise, the people of this city who voted for a change which they hoped would be for the better,not for the worse.



If you have any elderly friends or reletives check their O.K.

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Older and vulnerable members of the community are being urged to keep out bogus callers following an incident at a home in Swinton.

A woman knocked on the door and claimed she was there to check the victim’s medication. Once inside, she asked whether the victim had any change. She was shown where money was kept and a large amount was stolen.

Now residents are being urged to Lock, Stop, Chain, Check to keep bogus callers at bay.

Crime Reduction Advisor Fiona James of Greater Manchester Police’s Salford Division said: “This type of despicable crime is often targeted at older and vulnerable residents because they are seen as easy pickings. However, it can have devastating effects on their confidence. By taking a few simple steps, they can avoid becoming the next victim.

“My advice is to keep doors and windows locked, before opening the door, stop and ask yourself are you expecting anyone. Make sure the door chain is on and check the caller’s identity. A genuine caller will not mind while you contact their company. If you are in doubt, do not open the door.”

Fiona added: “I also encourage residents to sign up to the Nominated Neighbour scheme and for the over 60’s, free home security help is available through Help The Aged’s HandyVan initiative.”

To report crime call police on 0161 872 5050 or for more information click on the link below .

You can also call anonymously with information about crime to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Crimestoppers is an independent charity who will not want your name, just your information. Your call will not be traced or recorded and you do not have to go to court or give a statement.