Well Mr Bell says it should be someone local to stand against Hazel whats your thoughts.

Who do you think should stand? who’s the publics choice, what are you looking for in your man or women. There’s going to be a lot of interest in this one. and i think there may be a few surprises                          MArtin-Bell                         Watch this space                                   

Are our political leaders leading or taking us down the garden path?

Someone once told me people are easily lead true-or false. My problem is i like to feel the person leading as a vision for the future, is willing to listen and take ideas on board, hate the feeling that someone might feel like he or she is a mini dictator.I think the worse part of being in a group is when the key persons views are so extreme but people never seem to openly say you are talking through your backside. Perhaps people should remember going to university is not the be all and end all of life. Being street wise sometimes helps. You don’t need a degree or a liking for tofu to be right all the time. Perhaps some of us should sit back and look how the situation is panning out.

What do people really vote for the Policy or the person.

Hard question to answer? i could never figure it out. All the main parties put out reams of policy documents like a hook trying to reel you in. But at the end of the day most never appear, it’s sad all the broken promises and do half these people ever get off their back sides and ever visit any one on the ground. How would most of them feel living in a council house if they were lucky to get one, no job, no money,and no future What makes it worse is when you see these parasites claiming for every thing including bath plugs.But us the great unwashed if we claim something we should not were scum. Do you remember the campaign to catch benefit cheats? well maybe they should have the same but called MP cheats.Lets see how their policies stand up then.