Cllr Lindley it doesn’t count if it’s posted on your door.

Note found on door – “no junk mail, no free newspapers, no Liberal Democrats”

Fresh off cllr Lindleys twitter…



    1. Well Iain
      Your Right a seat we allmost won with Debbie Rushton, i suppose if it was up to me i would have thought we have the ground work done, one more year of hard work with the right candidate and job finished.I suppose thats the basics of building a winning team, constant message-again and again. But i leave campigning to the people who no better. I have allways thought in this buisness fight hard you win. Never failed me, lets see over the coming months if i can keep up the record. By the way say hello to Rupert for me. Looks like i will have to go back to the Mirror

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