Just broke the 40.000 hits target-thanks for looking in

Great to see so many people taking a look in, makes me think people may still have a little interest in politics after all.

By the way anyone no a paper that doesn’t support the tories.



  1. Can we have a bit more promotion on the Elected Mayor consultation please.
    It may be true that we cant get rid of an elected Mayor for 4yrs, but at least the public are allowed to choose a candidate of their own choice based on a mandate. The other choice is to keep a leader elected by the councillors of a ruling party. I for one would like the opportunity to vote for a leader on merit, not by ruling party.

    1. Lol give me a couple of days- Manchester have kicked it in touch, i think salford will end up doing the same. Unless people fancy a Boris?

    1. Same answer Richard i will confirm tommorow it’s on my emails i will dig it out and post it to you,

    1. Thanks Roger
      Shame is people come to read but in all the sites only had 1.400 comments i could print, but like a say if we can get some interest it’s worth the effort. It’s great people like yourself and the others come on. One day when i finnish council i will print the unfit ones. If people fancy i dig i will allways print, but when you get nutters who acccuse you of Child rape-and the cutting off of human limbs,why because this individual says i supported the war! where that crap came from god knows. The best stuff comes from the BNP their comments i will save for when i write a book.

  2. Elected Mayors
    It would seem that the poll running in the MEN states that 67% of their voters would like an elected Mayor…and similarly many people werent aware of the consultation. I note the consultation in Salford started on 16th Sept and is supposed to be advertised at CCs and through the In Salford booklet-when it eventually arrives…in my neck of the woods most of the advertised events in it have been and gone before it drops through my letterbox.
    As a cllr would you be so kind as to tell me your thoughts on the matter?…..by the way… you can still vote more than once on the salford.gov website for your preferred option..
    Swinton Budget Sub Group
    Just been looking through the minutes of the Swinton CC meetings…3 Cllrs appointed on to the budget sub group…how many community reps does your budget group have?

  3. And you with your imaginary degree as well Richard , I thought you’d have been on far more. I think that Joe should pay you what your worth….. oh wait he does.

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