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Hazel Must Go To Appear On Panorama

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Hazel Must Go To Appear On Panorama
The Hazel Must Go Campaign will be featured on the BBC Current Affairs Programme, Panorama on Monday 7th December.

The Campaign, which was originally set-up with a call for Ms. Blears to step down after the expenses scandal hit the headlines, is now looking for an independent community candidate to stand against her in next year’s General Election.

The programme will follow the activities of the campaign since the public meeting it held in September, which attracted over 100 people and featured former Independent MP and War Correspondent Martin Bell as a Guest Speaker.

If your thinking of going for a Chinese don’t ask Cllr W for advice.

  • London China Town not a patch on Manchester, the best outside China!
  • Just been for a cheap & cheerful Chinese buffet in china town, NOT! Horrible worst Chinese I’ve ever had. ?
  • We have good Chinese in Swinton South support our Local business.

    You confused?sounds a bit like New Labour can’t get anything right.

    [The superior man] acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his actions. but never forget the triad-s might own the chippy he as just been in


    Confucius, The Confucian Analects

    One of the Cases Mole Junior was dealing with today.

    Stafford 2 Eight cases we had to day from Homeless residents,

    to  a 91 Year old lady without care, and then we have to deal with this. Do you every wonder what your kids get up to.? just think if it was your house. So Mole Junior as to drag environmental officers out to deal with it. By the way people are quick to have a go at this department, my view if we had the responses from other departments as fast as this one we would win awards. They deserve recognition for the work they have done for residents within this ward.Well done to all.

    Well Just hit the 59,000 mark

    Thanks for looking in. Anything you want to talk about go for it.

    1. Are Labour going into melt down?
    2. Are the Tories riding on Cameron s back
    3. Will who ever wins get the roads sorted.
    4. Is the ice rink a waste of money.
    5. Can you get a house
    6. Can you get a Job
    7. Why do Labour not sack it’s failing lead members.
    8. Will anyone challenge the Labour leadership locally and Nationally.
    9. Should we build on the green belt.
    10. Does your Dog use Salford life as Litter?
    11. etc etc etc.
    12. Not hard is it

    ASK THE QUESTIONS….You might be surprised with the answers.