Before you vote in May ask how Your Candidates Voted on issues that effected you.

Take a good look at who you are being asked to vote for. Don’t vote without asking certain questions on Policy. Look at Local Cllr archives and look just how you Local Man raised the issues.What was the result did he win or did he loose. Bluff or Bluster– remember it’s a big decision to make.Think back when you asked for support did you get it? what help was he or she to you?

Well will we see the Candidates from the Big 3 start to offer their views on how they would do things if elected.?

  1. Do they support the Blood Bath in Afghanistan? what would they have done differently.
  2. Immigration Controls. For or Against?
  3. Housing.
  4. Green Policies, Rip up Barton or Leave it.
  5. Travel.
  6. Education.
  7. Children and Young People.
  8. Jobs.
  9. Pensioners.
  10. Crime,
  11. Drugs.
  12. Hate Crime/
  13. Teenage Pregnancy.
  14. Local Government Finance.
  15. The Environment.
  16. Roads.
  17. Europe.
  18. Just a few to start,

Why not write to them, why are the papers not asking the questions? i am sure you could think of a few.

Any one every put away that little bit for emergencies?

Perhaps Salford Council should think about it when putting out Budgets for each Department. Again you see how ill prepared we where for an emergency. The Snow falls and we go into meltdown. I noticed in this weeks Advertiser about the Swinton Women falling, well it’s not the first with my son we have been asking about why we are so ill prepared. I am waiting at this time for a response along with Martin over this issue, we are also asking why grit containers which where placed around Victoria park have been removed.  It seems sad that once again it shows how we under funded key areas really are and how we waste large sums of money on others.We have suffered a mild cold snap imagine if this was prolonged we would be unable to provide adequate services. I would like to ask anyone who as fallen in any degree if they could make contact.We will publish any response we get.

Thanks to Cllr Warmisham For taking the time to answer my point.

It makes sense to me if i was a resident to talk with a very senior member of Salford Labour Group. and of course with Cllr Warmisham being the Ward Cllr he would have been my first port of call. I have spoken with Cllr Warmisham on many occasions and he as been helpful to me and the residents of Swinton South. I am amazed how Local Langworthy Liberal democrats can win-GE they can’t get lights fixed for their residents. If you need is phone number it’s on the net. I am even more surprised you can put pictures of roads in the same condition without saying what attempts you have done to get them fixed?.


Well first it’s National and next it will be local.what party will you be voting for next year.I for one would not like to belong to the tail part of any party,

Cameron offers olive branch to Lib Dems ahead of general election year

Published by Jon Land for in Central Government
Monday 28th December 2009 – 11:44am

Cameron offers olive branch to Lib Dems ahead of general election year Cameron offers olive branch to Lib Dems ahead of general election year

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David Cameron has offered an olive branch to the Liberal Democrats ahead of a general election that could leave the third party holding the balance of power.

In a New Year message, the Tory leader effectively fired the starting gun on his party’s campaign, warning that the “gloves will be off” from the start of 2010.

But he insisted he wanted a “good clean fight” and would be highlighting policy differences, rather than resorting to “point-scoring, positioning and political dividing-lines” like Gordon Brown.

Mr Cameron went out of his way to stress that there was a “lot less disagreement than there used to be” between the Conservatives and Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems. Many believe the poll could deliver a hung parliament, in which case support from Mr Clegg will be crucial for him to reach 10 Downing Street.

In the message, Mr Cameron urged politicians to recognise that “most people in the country will be contemplating the prospect of months of electioneering with emotions somewhere on a scale between indifference and dread”.

He said that, particularly in the wake of the expenses scandal, the public were sick of MPs never admitting they were wrong, and squabbling when things needed to be done.

“My resolution this new year is to work harder for a new politics in this country,” Mr Cameron said.

“I don’t want to mislead people: there’s an election campaign coming, and I think it’s reasonable for political parties to point out the consequences of their opponents’ policies, records and judgments as well as the benefits of their own.

“The House of Commons – particularly on set-piece occasions like Prime Minister’s Questions – is an adversarial place.

“But let’s make sure the election is a proper argument about the future of the country, not some exercise in fake dividing lines.

“Let’s at least recognise the good intentions of our opponents. Let’s be honest that whether you’re Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, you’re motivated by pretty much the same progressive aims: a country that is safer, fairer, greener and where opportunity is more equal.

“It’s how to achieve these aims that we disagree about – and indeed between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats there is a lot less disagreement than there used to be.”

Mr Cameron took his apparent appeal to the Lib Dems further by insisting parties would have to co-operate after the election.

“Once the battle is over, we will need to rise above our differences and come together because that is the only way – strong, united leadership is the only way – we will sort out Britain’s problems, halt our decline, and give this country the success that I know we can achieve,” he added.

But Mr Clegg’s chief of staff, Danny Alexander said the Tory leader’s “vacuous spin” was “fooling nobody”.

“David Cameron seems to be confused about what a fairer Britain means,” he said.

“For the Liberal Democrats it means cutting taxes for the lowest paid, for him it means cutting them for millionaires.

“Anyone who wants a fairer Britain knows Labour has failed to deliver and the Conservatives cannot be trusted where fairness is concerned.”