Long before i ever got into council regeneration had taken place within the city,if you took away the issues of political games it was needed. I spent my childhood off the street of Lower Broughton Road.The houses were slums outside toilets no baths and damp.Any council who could change that needed support. The problems which concern me are very different today,if i have to be honest my concerns lay in the facts, who are we regenerating the city for?. If you look at Langworthy to start with ,it’s one area i can speak with some expertise ,why well i lived there for 10 Years when we moved there from Broughton we picked up the house for rent at the Princely sum of £2.50 a week the houses off Langworthy road were in fantastic condition, the people were typical salford, salt of the earth.We moved to Swinton South to gain a garden and some space, the day i moved i wondered had we made a mistake to leave our friends and that house we grew so fond of, well swinton became my home and i was proud of the area and still am today. What went wrong in Langworthy well of course i Blame the Likes of the council for allowing it to fail in such disrepair. We see the buildings in Langworthy taking shape but how many Salford people will ever pass the doorstep? social cleansing is a word that comes to mind do we take away the right of working class people to live in the area of their birth to be replaced by people who came from out of the city but are picking up homes to be close to media city and the ability to commute to central Manchester?The same can be said i think for Broughton we visited one section that resembles the slums of the early 60s it as security guards walking the streets. who pays for that well i presume you and me, why the delays in regeneration, why do many areas of the city lack investment? time will only tell if the Labour run council have developed a city or just one more stop on the way to central Manchester growing jobs’ market.

When i read this i thought of Vietnam one more American failure?

Barack Obama will tomorrow announce an end to US combat operations in Iraq, but his televised address from the Oval Office risks being undercut by the failure to form a government in Baghdad, and new casualty figures indicating an escalation in violence.

Obama is to present as a milestone the reduction in US troops in Iraq, from 144,000 when he took office last January to below 50,000. But the Iraqi foreign minister, Hoshyer Zebari, said today it was an “embarrassment” for the US to withdraw without an Iraqi government in place.

I have always felt that if you go to war there as to be no other alternative,every avenue must have been taken.When wars begin the men in suits sit back while others die.Tony Blair tagged us on to this last American excursion into their defunct foreign policy lets hope it’s the last.

Manchester Green Statement on Cuts

“Manchester Green Party is fundamentally opposed to the current round of public spending cuts being devised by the new government. We believe it is a disgrace that the poor are being made to pay for the current crisis and that they will lead to increased poverty and inequality, as people suffer the consequences of reduced benefits and pensions,Read the full statement on line.