Misleading no but interested.

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What’s the matter Mole – was reading to the end of the article too hard, or are you deliberately only quoting part of it to be misleading? Just in case it’s the former – here’s the last line printed by that dishonest, partisan, and bigoted rag:
“He declined to comment on the row with Mr Clegg or the incident with the door, saying: ‘I don’t recognise that description of the meeting.’


How ever you read this story or any other in relation to this coalition it must and will create some interest,how do many of the hard working activist and Liberal democrat voters really feel? that a party who prided itself in it’s stance in relation to the other two parties suddenly feels happy in it’s marriage to a party that is so right wing if it went any further it would be meeting the left.Did you honestly expect that an MP reported for having a stand up row over Housing with the party leader would respond in any other why? i don’t think so. Many Liberal Democrats in Central Government and in Local wards are openly disgruntled over the stance taken on a range of issues which have come to fruition over the past months, and when the cuts really bite into the cities and people begin to loose jobs,homes and basic benefits then may be a few more MPs and Local Councillors will start to speak up.Do i detect from your tone you fully support these cuts? i believe you spoke on the fact the poor will be helped in relation to the cuts,i spoke with some tonight and others who have failed their medical s, what’s their future under a Conservative Liberal Democratic alliance? and no they are not scroungers i hope to highlight there cases over the coming months leading up to may.What price is power really worth when you sacrifice every thing for cabinet seats with the  Tories.You surprise me with your comments that the paper in question is a dishonest,partisan.and bigoted rag! or do you mean any paper that takes a stand over your policies? what price your principles in relation to your Union,two weeks ago you left why? because it as taken a stand over the cuts? You are an academic do you not believe there are other alternatives to these Draconian measures or are you happy to follow others into what is nothng more than the Political abyss.

Well it looks like the Liberal Democrats MPa are starting to see the light on what it’s like to be a Tory.

Bust-up between Clegg and a senior Lib Dem MP that left a door off its hinges

furious confrontation with a senior Liberal Democrat MP so heated that it left a Commons door hanging off its hinges.

Colchester MP Bob Russell’s fury over the Coalition’s housing benefit cuts boiled over at a stormy private meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister.

To the astonishment of fellow Lib Dem MPs, it ended with Mr Russell storming out and slamming the Commons’ committee room door behind him.

Witnesses said last night: ‘He took the door off its hinges.’

I have to ask the question again.

In the period of time i was active within Salford Council figures were freely and openly available to me and any member of the council to look at the financial status of the council,Once a year any one within the city can ask to see the accounts also,if i wished as an opposition spokesman i could speak with the city treasurer,and again he and his team could not do enough to help and advise on issues that i needed advice on.Of course the reality was the Budget that Labour proposed would pass that was a figure i and others could  not change it was a simple case of being out voted, But–  I can always say we had a record of our comments, objections ,and alternatives.

Are the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in power at the time within Central Government trying to tell us they had no idea of how bad Labour really were at protected the countries purse? are they trying to tell us the financial state of the country was so well hidden. Or were they just inept in they role of opposition,because the simple fact is in opposition it is your role to hold the ruling group to account,perhaps they should have taken the time to read there own training manuals they charge  party activist £15 pounds a go.

Fresh off the Salford Star,what ever you think about the star it’s fresh and it’s local -stories like this offer a thought into the real problems we face Tax avoidance by the rich and those who can afford to pay a little more than they are at present,


Star date: 30th October 2010


Today the Vodafone store in Manchester was closed by people protesting against the phone company’s tax avoidance policies, which they claim has cost the country somewhere between £1and £5billion, while the ConDem Government is making the poor pay for the deficit.

“How can we take the government seriously when they let off tax dodgers?” said campaigner Andi Sidwell “Public sector cuts are not the only way out, there are better ways to save money.”

Part of a story in one newspaper today

38 Degrees wasn’t offering “prescription meds”, a chance to share my bank details with someone who doesn’t understand grammar or even 38 qualifications by correspondence course, so I read on. I wish I hadn’t. It asked me to sign a petition calling on George Osborne to pay the £1.6m of tax that a Channel 4 programme alleges he and his family are paying accountants to help them dodge. It declared that: “along with two other cabinet ministers, he’s avoiding paying tax”, that: “‘Legal’ tax dodges like this cost the rest of us billions” and that: “George Osborne seems to think it’s OK to have one rule for him and his friends and another rule for everybody else.”

The story was a little tongue in cheek,but i think this paragraph tells the story in full,the reality is these people pay people a lot of money to save them a fortune and there is nothing illegal about what is being done. Sadly people like us will pay the brunt, our benefits will be slashed,we will be asked to work longer in a market where there are no longer jobs for the fit and healthy and we will be called scroungers for asking for help,this Government is full of wealthy individuals who care little for any one else but them selves. The suffering being caused by the Conservative Liberal democratic alliance is shameful and people have not even began to feel it’s full bite,but people  must remember they have a weapon which the rich and powerful fear the most the ballot box,lets hope that even the most apathetic amongst us learn how to use it.