Well guess what i found it seems to be a poster advertising free Swimming in Rochdale not far from where i work, Not any more thanks to the Condems,


Salford Against the Cuts Meeting Last Night

My thanks to all the Green Party members who attended,it was also refreshing to see the Labour Party and Independent Councillors who came and spoke openly,if you take on the role and have the guts to face the public of this city then you have my respect unlike the Tories and Liberal Democrats.Please take note from Tory Land we will not be losing as many jobs,i suggest you speak with the unions who attended last night and ask there views. It seems when the vote over student fees comes to a head the Liberal Democrats will abstain-Spineless comes to mind. One thing that keeps coming up people have not yes realised the seriousness of what the Condems are proposing and when they feel the pinch things will change,the Green  have stood openly and made our case clear we will support the fight against the Condem cuts and the shameless ripping apart of our public services. Other meeting are taking place and i hope more will join the growing list of supporters.

All’s not well in Lib/Dem Land

 “During the general election campaign many of our MPs (and now government ministers) signed a pledge with the National Union of Students that they would vote against any tuition fee rises during the course of the next Parliament.

“The wording of this pledge clearly indicated that this would be unconditional; regardless of whether the party was in government or in opposition.

“The party has been very clear for many years about its view on tuition fees and that we feel they should be abolished.”

But the petition went on: “There is one thing that sets the Liberal Democrats apart from other political parties; this is that when we say we will do something during election campaigns we then do it in government.”

The proposals to allow universities to raise fees by up to £9,000 a year have sparked two days of mass protests by students and lecturers this month.

Thought of the day

I wonder if i should send a copy of how not to be hacked to Mrs Clinton.The spy masters of the world must be worried over job losses when all it takes is a quick look on wilkileaks.What form of security do these idiots have to allow so much data  be accessed? the silly things that come out can be found amusing and gives some insight to the American mind set but some of the items that are being withheld by the major players like the Guardian  thank god  a paper with integrity could be dangerous to operatives around the world, when there lives are put in Danger it worries me. YOU CAN OPERATE DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACKS ON ANY SITE but when the source is found you can attempt to stop it. What happens when the rest of the date leaks.Freedom of information is something i support but when it puts lives at risk it concerns me.

Come amd join us..

The Manchester Green Party monthly open meeting in December will be held in Levenshulme on Thursday 9th December at 7.00pm:

Funding higher education – no to tuition fees, yes to progressive taxation
Conservative, Labour & Liberal Democrats support tuition fees. The Green Party has other ideas. Come and debate them. Also at the meeting, hear about the developing student-led protest movement – student speaker invited.
The venue this month is the Isis Cafe, 910 Stockport Road (opposite the junction with Cromwell Grove), Levenshulme. Come and socialise, with coffee & cakes.
Public transport access from the city centre is by train or by bus, including the frequent 192 route, from Piccadilly. Arriving by train turn left out of the station onto Albert Road, go under the railway bridge to Stockport Road, and Isis is within 100 yards on the left.

where will you vote be going in may?

Did you sit back and watch the TV political debates,two good sales men and one man who deserved a little better but never had the charisma to sell his self.Look back on the Nixon Kennedy shots on U tube,same problems in a different time. But do you feel cheated when you voted Liberal Democrat with their attacks on the Tories Vat rises,Student Fees,and now they sit there and fully support all cuts,VAT rises,increased student fees,Atomic power.What really happened to their manifesto down the pan with there credibility? remember that in May 2011.

Well seems like the Tory Disciples are having a go at Labours Social Housing policies.

I mean no defence to Labour but were the Tories in Salford the ones who kept on winging about Labours plans to build double the Number that they have proposed? looks good on leaflets though.

I think i would be more concerned about the security of the people who live in the damned Houses all ready, perhaps our local Liberal Democrats would like to explain to the worried residents we will.