Any one thought of asking the Condems the financial cost of the war?

We see families lives destroyed daily,good men lost for what? taking that  damning fact out of the equation what is the real cost to the British Tax payer.Do we need weapons of mass destruction or are we living in the past.Do we need eurofighters when we can’t even take men from point to point over dangerous battle situations because we don’t have helicopters.We even use soft skinned vehicles in battle what protection do these bits of ancient kit have to offer none. Our Generals tell us we can’t win and yet we still stay on the ground. When we went into Iraq and then on to Afghanistan we created our own Vietnam perhaps the Political Masters who sit safe in bed should reassess the situation before it’s to late..

Funny game politics

You read the Local Liberal Democrat supporting the Tory cuts and the Leader of the Council taking the bait and running to the defense of the Labour Government.

It’s hard not to raise a smile, Salford Liberal Democrats the party who could not take the time out to offer a Budget within Council ridiculed by John Merry and his followers and also their Tory leaders. The Poor are targeted and of course the rich seem to sit happy in the knowledge that they will not feel the effects of benefit cuts. But of course that’s where the issue lays. if we all agree there is a problem and Labour are the culprits and to get us out of this mess we all take a share of the burden subject to our ability to pay the world would be a far happier place. The reality is different

Many Liberal Democrats are concerned for their future and to be honest i would not blame them, they have given up credibility for what? a cheap taste of power!and in may they will pay the price.

What a shame when the Liberal Democrats try to take the credit for other peoples work.

4,000 demand free Swinton car parking DAVE Spencer hands over the petition to Swinton South councillor Joe O’Neill who is backing the campaign for free parking at Swinton Shopping Centre. DAVE Spencer hands over the petition to Swinton South councillor Joe O’Neill who is backing the campaign for free parking at Swinton Shopping Centre.

MORE than 4,000 people have signed a petition for the return of free parking at a Salford shopping mall.

Traders at Swinton Shopping Centre say business has fallen by up to a third since the introduction of pay-and-display two years ago.

They say the free parking was ‘the jewel in Swinton’s crown’ and claim the centre is fast becoming a ghost mall with shoppers voting with their feet and going elsewhere.

The petition calling for the return of free parking has now been handed to Salford City Council.

Many of the names were collected by Dave Spencer, owner of Swinton Leisure, in Wellington Road.

He said: “More shops are closing at the centre all the time because the trade is so low.

“The sale of the car park was a purely monetary move by our landlords, implemented with no consultation or warning to leaseholders and no regard to the obvious consequences of the increased parking in residential streets.”

The car park was sold to Excel by the centre’s landlords Miller Developments. Charges start at 50 pence for one hour and rise to £10 for nine to 12 hours.

In a letter to tenants, Miller’s managing agent Savills admit there has been a reduction in the number of car park visitors but say charges have reduced the number of office workers using it rather than shoppers.

Savills’ Angela Brown states in the letter: “On behalf of the landlords, we have approached the car park operator Excel to request a review of car parking tariffs but, as with the retail tenants, Excel has a lease of the ‘accommodation’ and we can no more insist that they change their tariffs than we can insist that you, as retailers, change your pricing policy.”

Despite having sold off the shopping centre in the first place, Salford City Council is now supporting the traders’ campaign.

Councillor Derek Antrobus, lead member for planning, said: “We support the traders in their campaign.

“We have already had meetings with the new owners and have raised this issue with them. We believe there is more they could do and will continue to press this point with them.”

But Martyn Attwood, sales director for Excel, told the Advertiser there is little chance the petition will make any difference.

He said: “We are a commercial car park operator and we pay the landlord a commercial lease. It would be infeasible for us to offer free parking on the car park and the charges we impose are fair for the area.

“It is a private car park and the charges that we set we are at liberty to dictate. We don’t charge more than either council car parks or other operators in the area.”

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