Quick point to look at

Don’t forget if you work for Salford Council or any company that may be ln the firing line with the Cuts have a quick read on cllr Lindleys Blog The Tory from Walkden,Read how passionate he is in support of the cuts.and how he attacks the MEN for todays article on the cuts.When you have try to keep it in your mind when you vote next MAY.

Thought of the day.

But while the spectacle of charging police horses, fires, and sporadic violence outside Parliament will distract many from what happened on the green benches of the House of Commons, protest groups will not fail to take note and issue very public reminders of how individual Liberal Democrats voted.

The political reality is different.

Lib Dems will go into the next election saying different things to voters in their constituencies. Those who voted against will surely remind people, those who supported the policy or abstained will be called on to justify their positions.

Vince Cable’s policy won the day. The question on which many Liberal Democrats will ponder is what has that victory cost their party?

With luck in May the Liberal Democrat Ranks will be decimated don’t forget our Slogan