what a bunch of cynics Salford Labour are. But it is Election time.

Salford Labour leads peat protection bid

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Salford Labour councillors have led a demand for planning policy changes which could see a ban on future peat extraction on Chat Moss.

The city has one of the most important peat boglands in the North West. Peat is not only a valuable natural habitat but is an important ‘carbon sink’ – preventing emission which contribute to climate change.

Greater Manchester’s 10 local councils are jointly producing a new minerals plan which includes a tougher policy on peat extraction.

Former Mayor of Salford Jimmy Hunt has welcomed the move : “Chat Moss is one of Greater Manchester’s greatest assets and should be preserved for future generations.”

Cllr Joe Kean, an Irlam councillor who has campaigned for more access to the moss, said: “It is a place that should be enjoyed by local people and it’s great to see that it has been opened up to anglers and naturalists. A tougher planning policy will encourage these new uses.” cynics

What’s your view on this if you find it quicker to walk to Manchester under Salford Labours Plans drop me a Line.

What is planning all about? Think about it looking into alternative routes,making sure all obstacles are dealt with ie cables pipe work, correct signs offering delays.advanced warning,long term objectives, health issues,but i suppose if you are Salford new Labour who gives a damn.

I wonder what was the make up of the Planning committee when it was passed?

wow fancy a job like this? perhaps this is why we have so many deprived in Salford


Star date: 28th March 2011

A Salford Star Exclusive 


A consultant brought in to help some of Salford’s most `deprived’ people get jobs at MediaCityUK is being paid £650 per day – and a total of £46,800 for just 12 days work a month on a six month contract.

Salford City Council, which is currently cutting funding to community groups, is making the obscene payment to former Salford URC Director of Community Regeneration, Chris Marsh, via a contract which has not gone out to tender.

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You wonder will people carry on recycling? your bins full once a month collections,i don’t think so some how. We went around canvassing the other day and lots of the roads were covered in Crap. I think councillor Merry forgets most people come out and see certain things and when they start to notice the drop in standards of basic services that’s when the penny drops,that’s when they start to ask questions.May be we could write a song about John Merrys Salford and call it Dirty old town,sorry that’s all ready been done.I wonder were Labour in power when that was penned?

Just had a good laugh with one Swinton Pensioner

We were putting out some  leaflets and this old guy pulled me up and asked what party we were, we got chatting and i asked him had he had seen and Labour Councillors.He looked me straight in the eye and said son they are a bit like vampires,i asked him what he meant. He said they have certain routines vampires only come out at Night and Salford Labour Councillors only come out two weeks before election time,regular as clock work.he laughed and walked on.