Well the silly season seems here.

Just been reading the Salford Online site. It’s sad really that a great site is turning into a propaganda piece. The amount of hits the site would get in any one period should in reality have made it in to something Salford is missing an up to the minute news medium. The Local Advertiser had the spot of Local News provider, Salford Star was a Heavy weight but starved of funding and now we see the Salford online site dominated by Labour spin. The staff on the site always seem a decent bunch i only hope it does not loose sight of what the site is there to provide.News for Salford People. Most news mediums stop using political stories during the election, asking  the candidates fair questions is a great idea but Cllr Merrys press spokesman seems to be having a field day.

How sad

Sad the Departing Swinton Liberal Democrat is still bitter,we put out a Thousand one sides out yesterday just to give us a chance to talk to people.No real topics just an ice breaker,and he as to have a dig,well i suppose i could have filled an A4 and said i stood in Eccles Lost thought i would pop over to Swinton south and do every thing the ward needed in in three weeks!! but no I think i have a Record of action so like they say.