We are in the process of putting together people with a will to fight,people who are no ruled by an executive.people who are not afraid to voice their opinion and who will offer views that are different from those that seems to be pumped out daily from the Condems and New Labour.We do not have the benefit of Major parties that can use free sheets and large space in the Salford Advertiser, to pedal without recourse their Political propaganda,we use the Internet and leaflets put out by party activist taken door to door.If any one chooses to debate with us or wishes for a view then they are free to ask,and we will contribute,if we comment and the people who we expect to answer do not then we will take the view they have no answers or contempt for the electorate.Ether way our forums are open for any one to reply We have a long way to go but for every journey you must take that first step we have just began,the people in 90%of this city lack a voice and oppostion to Labour we hope when the Liberal Democrats cease to exist in May 2012 we can help to fill that void,those who had voted Conservative this year must be shocked by the way they have chosen to attack the poor,the sick and those who by no choice of their own have to live on Benefits,and for those who have voted for a Labour Badge even they must have expected at some time to see their elusive candidates who like the title of Councillor but forget what the role consist of.

Comment on Twitter from Cllr Merry

Why do u keep repeating the same lie. There is no proposal in the document “to extend the authority of Manchester”

The point i and others are trying to say John is we are being gobbled up my Manchester very slowly,we will soon loose our Corporate IDENTITY.on the lines of the UniversityRestaurants and BUSINESS don’t put Salford, they put  Manchester for their address,and what ever reason cost or other wise, many of the Jobs that this council provide will go.the moment we combine we will start to see massive job loss. Investment is slow within Salford while Manchester GROWS,If you feel a pathway into the center of Manchester that hides the old flats,old mens homes and drunks is the way forward for this city then go with it, we would rather see those people in fit for purpose homes and centers,roads and environment that does not look like something from the third world.something that you have neglected in your role as the ruling group.We are going backwards while you invest in follies. I can understand you worry, you use the word lies i remember well when your party used it frequently the papers invented the word spin. You will offer your version and i will offer mine and let the public decide.This week alone i believe you will throw away 25 young mens lives when you cut the funding from Lancaster house,prove me wrong and stand up for these people the off the cuff comment from the advertiser mentions the Salvation Army,perhaps you should try it for one night,i spoke to one man today who did.Not pleasant.