Just posted on the Bingham street residents site,a Good Cause if you have some time call them

Womens Domestic Abuse Helpline – looking for volunteers

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Interested in volunteering?

The Women’s Domestic Abuse Helpline (WDAH) is seeking to recruit volunteers for the Helpline including the Community Helpline Language Service (CHLS)
Could you be supportive and understanding over the phone to women who are experiencing domestic abuse?
Do you have an understanding of the importance of confidentiality?
Can you remain calm in a crisis?
Do you want to make a difference to the lives of women and children?
Could you commit to a three-hour rota session a week, for a minimum of 12 months?
Compulsory training days; 12th October 9.30 – 1
2nd, 9th and 15th November 9.30 -4.30

WDAH offers in return:
Free training on domestic abuse awareness and on Helpline Skills
Ongoing training
The opportunity to work in a women only environment
The opportunity to gain new experiences and skills and to develop existing ones
Reimbursement of travel expenses and a contribution to childminding expenses

Interested? Then please contact us on :

0161 636 7525 or email: helpline@independentchoices.org.uk

Or log onto www.wdachoices.org.uk for more information about the services that WDAH provide

Manchester Police chief thinks the Police should be like Argos!!!

Why does this man not stand up and defend his force and say enough is enough,how many of us reading this blog have been in the position of calling on the Police and found unresponsive phones, delays and an overall lack of front line policing,the riots should say it all, we cannot cope in the face of emergencies with the present numbers,and any one with even the smallest amount of Honesty would agree that all we see daily on our streets are PCSOs people who where not designed to police doing the JOB without the power,lets all come in to the real world and tell the Condems they have got this one wrong,it’s one cut to far.As for ARGOS well his comment surprise me unless he means getting a cut price product stacked high and sold cheap.

NHS bill ‘will let Andrew Lansley wash his hands of health service’

Legal opinion funded by campaigners suggests ‘hands-off’  clause will remove the health secretary’s accountability

Andrew Lansley’s bill contains a clause designed to give autonomy to NHS commissioning groups. Photograph: Andrew Winning/Reuters

The health secretary will be able to “wash his hands” of the NHS after forthcoming legislation which will take away his duty to provide a national health service, according to legal advice funded by campaigners.

The legal opinion, commissioned and paid for by members of the 38 Degrees website, justifies the widespread public concern about the government’s health reforms, in spite of Andrew Lansley‘s assurances that he has listened and responded to criticisms, they say.

The independent legal team says the health and social reform bill removes the health secretary’s responsibility for NHS provision through a “hands-off” clause designed to give autonomy to commissioning groups.

David Babbs, executive director of 38 Degrees, said one legal opinion suggested responsibility for provision would instead fall to an unknown number of “clinical commissioning groups”. Babbs said: “The so-called ‘hands off’ clause … removes political accountability, which is the only real control voters have on the way the NHS is delivered. We won’t be able to fire people on regulatory bodies or private healthcare companies when things go wrong.


Binmen get iPads to keep tabs on Bury householders who don’t recycle waste



Binmen are being given iPads to help them do their rounds – by a local authority which is trying to save £18m.,Waste bosses say the devices will help improve collection rates, customer service and boost recycling.

But critics questioned why money was being spent when the same job could be done with a pen and paper.

Bury council is ordering 22 of the iPad tablet computers, one for each waste-collection truck.

The council, which is looking to make savings of £18m over three years, refused to reveal the exact cost of the scheme due to ‘commercial sensitivities’.

The Apple devices retail at £399 each. And it’s not even APRIL FOOLS….just out of interest i wonder what odds i could get at William Hills on when the first one goes missing.

Glad to see i am not on my own comment from one Labour MP

This is Government by PR and gimmickry. Poor at any time, positively dangerous at present.
Iain Duncan Smith is on the lookout for evil people who, bereft of moral values, are hiding in dark corners of society. I doubt he will find any but it is an excuse to evict families from secure homes and to deduct benefits from poor families. How punishing a household for the actions of an individual is either equitable or rational, I don’t know, but it has been repeated by politicians seeking sound bites and at a loss for real answers from Nick Clegg to Tory councillors in H&F.
Promising to evict families from council homes if a member of the family is convicted of an offence implies council tenants are more prone to criminal behaviour and that they should have a greater punishment than others committing similar crimes. Of course, the Council has no power to evict in most cases, that is a matter for the courts and this is gesture politics, but if families are evicted and on the streets how is that going to aid social cohesion?

Thought of the day

Have any of you reading the site ever had trouble with bailiffs? no well if you do i hope you don’t meet the two clowns i witnessed last week. We have a lady who works with me and about six months ago she came in and told us she had been speeding fair cop she held her hands up ,she was offered a fine or  go on a course,with having little money she took the course,sad part is she arrived with the buses 10 minutes late and was told she could not come in ,this after taking a day off work.she arranged to pay the fine in instalments and she missed a payment the fine as gone from £68 to over £300 and of course they sent in the bailiffs not to her home no to her place of work,when they arrived at work she was heart broken and ashamed,they made threats to take away all her electrical equipment,my boss chucked them off site.So can i say guys even if i had no job i could not stoop to being a bailiff the word scum comes to mind with the attitude you two had.