Bit before time but happy new year to every one..


All the best to all from Salford Green party.That includes you JohnSmile


Strange i wonder will the shocking murder of this young man in Salford finally wake people up to the facts we have a problem in Salford

Many of you would have read how one man can walk in to a local pub and shoot a man dead and then take away the CCTV evidence,the shooting in PENDLEBURY along with the other number of shootings in Salford,the stabbings,none seemed to create the publicity  that the shocking death of a young Indian man,his life as been taken his family devastated there lives ruined at the pull of a trigger. Perhaps we should asking do we have the man power to target and gain intelligence to attack known criminals? do our senior Police officers have the resources they need.Because the fact is many residents within these communities live in fear of talking to the police,Our civic leader states he is satisfied the police  are doing what they can the public must help,the reality is many will not,we must start to look how we can gather evidence,even simple things like housing officers,the police need search warrants but a housing officer can enter to check the property can you imagine what he may see and be unsuspected spying yes i suppose your right but used in the right circumstances it could help. firemen doing safety checks,we have to start some where. Where are the guns coming from it as to be eastern Europe it seems obvious our border controls are inadequate, do we target the large number of migrants entering the country?why when you ask for a shotgun licence are you offered the ability to hold guns not just one how many can you shoot at one time? but the key question is a gun is useless without the projectiles it uses do we tightly control these ?supply and usage,even when i was with the army after shooting i was ask to offer a declaration i had no rounds no one ever searched me. One more source?

Well what’s next for the opposition in Salford

Norman Owen will fall in May along with what ever remnants of the Liberal Democrats and to be honest he will not deserve to,i spent four great years with him and it’s sad people like him will be no more because of the leaders within the Liberal Democrats who felt they needed to prostitute there principles. The Tories in Salford Deserve little from the people but scorn for what there Government

have done to this country,so what’s left? Labour is run by the chosen few the rest just nod in agreement like sheep and collect there allowances,is this what people want! it’s time for change within Salford,labour cannot offer even the most basic items of policy,Nationally there leader is becoming a figure of ridicule. The Tories say yes things are bad but would be worse under labour well

in May people will have a choice and i hope to god they don’t fall for the devil you know,at least with luck the apathetic will get off there chairs to vote.if you don’t vote you don’t deserve the right to comment or the nerve to hold a view.

Vote Tory and get managed decline


To be honest i am at a loss why the likes off John Merry and other Civic leaders are not shouting from the roof tops at the Tories and asking is the money that we have been short changed with from the Tories their way of a Managed Decline  for Salford?I am gob smacked in a way that people can actually vote Tory when it was so obvious how they feel about cities like ours,we will always be on the back burner in terms of investment.

Why do people vote Labour in Salford?

it amazes me.

  1. The roads are falling apart.
  2. It’s not safe to walk the streets in some parts of the city.
  3. You see very little in the job market.
  4. We have little in amenities
  5. Shopping is a no no unless you count Tesco Express and the Pound shops.
  6. Our Social housing estates are crumbling.
  7. Our council owes more in debt  than some banana republics.
  8. Our Education system churns out people that do not have the basic skills.Ie Morrison’s

           having to retrain workers before they start.

9. Your lucky if you see any police on the street.

10, And today we sit in National shame because of the disgusted murder of one young man who joins the every growing list of gun crime statistics.

Thought of the day

Question why do minority parties fair so badly in the media stakes?i must of asked this question so many times.The answer i have received from the likes of the MEN Salford Radio and others is simple  if  we allow you we would have to offer the likes of the BNP. Strange i subscribe to a party that seeks fair wages,fair pensions,free dental and eye car but i cannot argue my case because if i did the BNP would have to argue there’s. Are we really a country that in reality hinders free speech unless it pours out from the likes of Labour the Tories and what’s left of the Liberal Democrats?well in reality yes.

More Concerns?

The overuse and waste of valuable natural resources is threatening to produce a fresh economic crisis, the European Union‘s environment chief has warned.

Janez Potočnik, the EU commissioner for the environment, linked the current economic crisis gripping the eurozone with potential future crises driven by price spikes in key resources, including energy and raw materials.

“It’s very difficult to imagine [lifting Europe out of recession] without growth, and very difficult to imagine growth without competitiveness, and very difficult to be competitive without resource efficiency.”

Unless consumers and businesses take action to use resources more efficiently – from energy and water to food and waste, and raw materials such as precious metals – then their increasing scarcity, rising prices and today’s wasteful methods of using them will drive up costs yet further and reduce Europe’s standard of living, Potočnik warned.