John Merrys house of cards the job losses had to come,i mean besides Labours ALLOWANCE JACKPOT WHATS LEFT?

Adjusted Continuation of Service Budget for 2012/13 233.718

Available Resources 221.297 ———–

Funding Gap/New Savings Required 12.421


Members will note that the savings required of £12.421m relate to additional new savings during 2012/13. In addition, there will be a net additional (step-up) saving of £6.550m from the full year effect in 2012/13 of the 2011/12 savings plans, giving a total saving in 2012/13 of £18.971m.

With the scale of savings envisaged there will inevitably be a significant loss of jobs. The aim has been to avoid compulsory redundancy wherever possible and to ensure that as many staff as possible are able to leave voluntarily the voluntary severance package that was introduced in 2011/12 has been made available again for the 2012/13 budget round.

It is estimated that there will be around 400 jobs lost in total, split between 230 relating to new savings and 170 to step-up savings from 2011/12 plans. Current indications are that there will be about 40 budgeted vacant posts deleted, leaving around 360 jobs to be lost by voluntary means. In response to the invitation made to staff there have so far been around 250 expressions of interest, of which around 60 so far have turned into formal applications for voluntary early retirement, voluntary severance and other voluntary options.

Savings proposals have been the subject of consultation with trades unions, directorate consultative and safety committees and staff briefings as they have been worked up, and a “Tell Barbara” intranet site has been made available to staff to make suggestions about budget savings to the Chief Executive.

A summary of the new savings proposals that are recommended for acceptance as part of the 2012/13 revenue budget analysed by directorate and portfolio is shown in the following table :-

clip_image002 I love the one position in Chief Executives god some people must get paid wellSmile

Well Swinton South this is what you voted for a sheep wearing a Labour badge,you pays you money and you take your choice.

However it is the Labour Group meeting on 13th February that decides policy for all the ruling Labour councillors in Salford, and Councillor Howard Balkind (Swinton South), the only councillor in attendance at Ordsall, said he would “voice an opinion” at the Group meeting that he “supports the principle that funding should remain”…

…Incredibly, in the next breath, Balkind added that “we are whipped”. Which means that if the Labour Group meeting decides to go ahead with the cuts to day care services he would vote to withdraw funding from them.

Who’s famous last words were these?Where’s all this bloody water coming from? The captain of the Titanic easy! but can you guess who said these?

The Council is facing unprecedented reductions to its budgets and cutting back on support services, back office functions, and making efficiencies in procurement alone, cannot address the size of the reductions needed.

John Warmisham, John  Merrys right hand man,the calm before the storm?Smile

Please sign this e petition lets show the Tory Butchers what we think,if you want any health service you are going to have to fight for it.

Hi Joe

Next week, Cameron’s Health Bill will go back before the House of Lords for its Report Stage.

Over recent months, the opposition to the Health and Social Care Bill has been building. More and more patients, members of the public and health professionals have spoken out about the damage they fear the Bill will do to the NHS we all love so much.

Supporters of the NHS in the House of Lords are going to put forward crucial amendments to try and reduce the damage that this Bill will do to our health service. We’ll be in touch with you again over the coming weeks to ask you to take action to contact those Peers who can sway the votes.

But whatever amendments the House of Lords passes, and whatever concessions Cameron is forced to make, the fact remains that this Health Bill is a huge threat to our NHS.

That’s why today, I am emailing to ask you to take 2 minutes to sign this government e-petition, calling on Cameron’s government to drop the Health and Social Care Bill:

Our NHS was founded on the principle that healthcare should be available to everybody, regardless of ability to pay.

This Health Bill undermines that founding principle, and risks putting private profit before patient care. Those who can afford to pay for treatment will be able to jump the queue, whilst everybody else will be forced to the back of an ever-growing waiting list.

Add your name now to the growing call for Cameron’s government to drop this unpopular and dangerous Health Bill:

This Bill is opposed by those who work in our NHS, and those who use it. Make sure Cameron knows that you oppose it too.



I wonder when the men in suits order our bombers in to action do they ever think what awaits there effect?

child_of_war_life_in_death_053005I despise the people who sit behind desks and lack the ability to try every thing that is possible before the on set of war,how often our TV sets glamorise something like war,i have never faced it and have no idea of the unknown terrors that await combatants and i hope i am to old to ever face it, to many of our young men are being maimed and killed for what? perhaps if the pictures we never see were offered more freely to the public we may see less  of the ravages of war? who knows.Because this view sickens me.