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City of Salford Conservatives: In Your Area

Salford Conservatives are working hard for local residents across the City of Salford, from Little Hulton to Langworthy, from Cadishead to Charlestown and from Boothstown to Broughton.
Click on the map link below to find out about the work that your local Conservative Councillors and Conservative Action Team members are doing in your area.Smile

A quote from the Telegraph


In Salford, the main alternative to Paul Massey is Labour’s Iain Stewart, a former backbench MP, whose campaign pledges, in full, are to “work hard and listen to your views”, “put the residents of Salford first”, “bring regeneration and jobs into our city”, “demand a better deal” from government and “ensure that Salford provides efficient, value-for-money services”. These utterly empty “policies” tell you everything about how little elected mayors are improving the political landscape.

Any thoughts?

One thing makes me think i wonder how he will differ from John Merry? same thing just at a higher price.

The latest from Mr Stewart can you believe this?


I was able to explain how the idea for Community Wardens, now called Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) came from the Valley estate in Swinton and then was adopted nationally by the Labour government, showing that local people working with their local politicians and others can really make a difference.

I can just see it today Mr Blunket and Mr Stewart supping coffee and discussing how the 2 wardens on the Valley where a great success.Good idea  Ian we could cut the Police Bill and give the public someone in a yellow coat with no powers,great Labour Success

Thought of the day


Message to Ian Stewart,you may disagree with someone else’s view or their politics but to refuse to debate and argue why you think they are wrong is spineless. Will you refuse  to meet others that don’t fit in with what you or Labour believe in?

The UK is back in recession,voting condem does not work,like most of the country at present.


The UK is back in recession after a surprise 0.2 per cent contraction in the economy in the first quarter of the year, official figures revealed today.

The decline in gross domestic product (GDP) was driven by the biggest fall in construction output for three years, while the manufacturing sector failed to return to growth, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.