Well Salford Labours new LEADER beggars belief

Not only does he make up jobs for the boys he makes up his own names for the JobsSmile

Less than a month into the task we don’t have enough school places and today we can’t even get some free cash to sort out the mess in Eccles.


Fresh off the Salford star


Star date: 30th May 2012

A Salford Star Exclusive


Yesterday Salford Council made a decision to spend £350,000 refurbishing six houses in Devonshire Street, Higher Broughton, which are the only original houses left out of over 400 in the Top and Bottom Streets.

Salford Council was supposed to refurbish 23 houses for the community but in April 2009 sent a letter out to residents stating it would cost “up to £130,000 per property” to refurbish and therefore the programme wasn’t viable. These latest Council figures show that it is now possible to do the refurbishment for an average of £58,333 per property. So has Salford Council been telling the truth to the now destroyed community?

The Salford Star, again, calls for a Public Inquiry.

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Well congratulations go out to Mr Stewart and Our Education supremo Mr merry

Four weeks into the Job and our Bloody kids will have to sit in Porto cabins to do lessons freeze in the winter and boil in the summer. It makes my blood boil to say when i was with the Liberal Democrats we raised this years back, the answer we got it’s a dark art getting pupil numbers right. No it’s not Labour have cocked up again and who suffers our kids.

Least we forget some titbits i found from the Star,funny how we still run to vote for the Red Rose



Last week, former Cabinet members Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon tried to stick their blunt knives into Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s back, calling for a ballot on his Labour Party leadership in the run up to the General Election. In the aftermath, Salford MP Hazel Blears was quoted as saying…

“It is not the time for this at all. We need to be concentrating on winning the election and talking to people on the doorstep…we should be talking about Salford and what can be done for the people of the city.”

Could this be the same Hazel Blears who resigned from the Cabinet on the eve of the European elections and went public wearing her `Rocking The Boat’ brooch, just to plunge the knife in a bit deeper?

Could this be the same Hazel Blears who got an absolute rollocking on the subject from members of the Labour Party at her re-selection meeting last year?

Just in case anyone thinks this is just the Salford Star nit picking, let’s hear some of those voices from the Labour Party re-selection meeting…

All names have been changed to protect the innocent…

Labour Party Member 1: “The damage has been done, and brought the Party into disrepute and almost would have brought down this Labour Government – because if Gordon Brown would have gone then there would have been no way to avoid, in my opinion, a General Election. And a General Election at this time would have been disastrous… I can’t walk on the Precinct without getting hammered day in, day out – `How can you justify this? How can you justify that?’ …I’ve never felt it so bad in my life…”

Labour Party Member 2: “I was appalled at the attack on Gordon Brown in The Observer. Then we saw Hazel resigning at the worst possible moment, then we saw the brooch – I thought it was a plot…”

Labour Party Member 3: “I fail to accept that Hazel, as a very astute political person, did not know the affect her action has had – we’ve got a siege mentality and are putting our fingers in our ears to the reality of the concerns of the people out there – the reality is that we’re behind UKIP in the polls and Gordon Brown was very nearly toppled as a result of Hazel’s actions.”

Labour Party Member 4: “A few months ago we said `Let’s get behind the Cabinet and Gordon Brown and sell the Labour Party’. I don’t like being told one night that we’re going to do this, and then two months later we get self interest – one thing you need from any politician is trust and them being honourable. If you lose that you’ve lost everything.”

Labour Party Member 5: “I’ve been involved in politics a long, long time and to me politics is about principles not about personalities. I was getting the bus near Salford Crescent and saw the biggest crowd of journalists I’ve ever seen, and when I got home and turned the tv on I was surprised and shocked as to what had happened to Hazel. It turned to anger when I realised that this resignation had come the very day before the European elections. The plan was that the Pendlebury and Irwell Riverside elections should take place on the same day as the European elections, thank god it didn’t. The resignation was by somebody who’d been a former chair of the Labour Party and must have realised the effect of that resignation. It was also the badge – `rocking the boat’ – a direct attack on the Prime Minister…

And there’s more…lots more…

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What a Great business plan make it easy to sack every one and buy shares in a pay day loan company

Payday lender Wonga has refused to comment over suggestions that it stands to benefit from key recommendations in the controversial Beecroft report.
Venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft’s report on changing employment regulations to make it easier for bosses to sack workers is being considered by the government which commissioned it.
Mr Beecroft is chairman of Dawn Capital, the firm that has a large stock in Wonga.com, which offers hard-up individuals high-interest same day loans.