Just watched homes under the Hammer and a house came up for sale in Little Hulton the little Italian man who bought it said he did not view he thought the name Little Hulton was pleasing.

9346  I Bet he got a shock when he came,the funny part was the auctioneer said it was in need of refurbishment.  What’s worse there are two more houses in the same condition attached. So the moral is if your coming to Salford check out the house firstSmile

God the Tories are all heart.

A Tory councillor threatened to dig up the body of a pensioner in a row over his burial plot.

Allah Ditta, 54, the former Mayor of Worcester, was secretly recorded making the shocking graveside warning.

He vowed to “get the digger” when relatives of Monuhor Ali, 74, failed to pay £400 fees for maintenance.

Factory worker Mr Ali, a father of seven, died of heart failure on June 15.

He was buried at the Muslim cemetery in Perdiswell, Worcs, where Mr Ditta runs a volunteer-based group which manages the site.

Mr Ali’s family paid the committee £625 and a further £875 to a funeral director.

His son Ruhal Hussain, 41, says he was confronted in the cemetery by Mr Ditta last week demanding more cash.

He said: “He was actually threatening to dig up my dad’s body. It was sick. I felt violated.”

In the recording, Mr Hussain is heard saying: “We’ve paid the council, we don’t owe you anything.”

Mr Ditta later tells him: “I’ll get a digger and dig it up. I’ll dig it out.”

These figures are shameful

Homeless figures (Source House of Commons Library):














There was also a substantial increase in Tameside, with 94 cases up from 50, and also in Wigan, were there 260 cases up from 221.

The number of cases in Salford rose from 245 to 277 and in Bury, from 116 to 134. But i suppose in Ian Stewarts Labour world it matters little why? because the homeless don’t vote.

Is Salford Online Becoming a political platform for the Community Action Party?

I hope that when the Elections come around i have the chance if allowed to fight for Swinton South one more time, it would be a great victory to return and take back a seat i lost to Howard Balkind but i hope it will be a fair contest if i lose i will shake his hand as i did Gina Merrit.Politics can be a dirty game but the bottom line it’s politics and there is never really any thing personal against another candidate you are fighting a badge and an ethos. Yesterday i read the article on Salford Online attacking Mr Balkind  we looked for an apology from Him for his behaviour and that would have been the end, but this level of  attack we felt had gone to far. Perhaps certain groups should stick to asking questions from Senior leaders of our Labour Group and hold them to account surely this would be more productive in the long run.

If you get a chance go on Salford labours website

If you read the articles you can’t help but notice the range of attacks on the Tory Government each one attacks over the cuts that will affect the city,each one states clearly how those cuts will effect front line services  and jobs,are they wrong of course not,but look closely who ever comments not one offers alternatives. The reason why they offer no alternatives is simple they have none,only more of the same rhetoric ,i could except Salford Labour if only once they offered a short, mid and long term policy,their answer fill the doors with Glossy anti Tory Leaflets offering National policy and running back to the city purse to claim their allowances,all this while the city crumbles,our young sit around with no jobs,our elderly sit in damp houses scrimping on pensions that never fill the cupboards with even the basics, and a drug and alcohol culture growing daily.Take a look at our neighbours and watch the sky line grow signs of some prosperity what do we have,an orchestra costing millions that 90% of the city never see,a Corporation that promised us jobs which never came,and loans to major companies and sports clubs. Cllr Merry lead us and Failed,and today we have a mayor who promised us much and delivered nothing.

Struggle for equality not over say Greens in 20th year of Brighton and Hove Pride festival, this weekend


30 August 2012

Leading figures from the Green Party will be attending Brighton and Hove Pride 2012 on Saturday to demonstrate solidarity with lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities.

Brighton & Hove is the first Green-led council in the UK, sometimes dubbed the UK’s ‘gay capital’.

Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner and Keith Taylor, Green member of the European Parliament for Southeast England, will join the Brighton & Hove City Council’s LGBT Champions* – Councillors Stephanie Powell and Mike Jones – alongside Green Party activists to show their support for equality including for the topical issue of same-sex civil marriage.

Keith and Peter will join Green MP Caroline Lucas as well as several of the Green Party councillors including the leader of Brighton & Hove City Council, Jason Kitcat, to bring national and international perspectives to the day.

They will focus on the importance of equal marriage both at a national and international level with a petition on equal marriage which will be available for the public to sign in Preston Park.

Peter Tatchell, said, “The Green Party conference was, in 2009, the first party conference to vote in favour of same-sex civil marriages and opposite-sex civil partnerships.

“Some years earlier, Green leaders and MEPs were pushing for marriage equality.

“I am proud that the Greens are still in the forefront of the movement for equal marriage rights and LGBT freedom.

“I will be marching with the Greens to show my support for their long-standing commitment to LGBT equality.”

Councillors Stephanie Powell and Mike Jones added, “We are very proud to be marching alongside so many diverse groups at this year’s Pride. It is important to remember that so many countries cannot by law, celebrate diversity.

“How wonderful it is to be an out-gay elected politician in this fabulous city, and to be celebrating Pride in its 20th year.

“But we still have work to do and the struggle for equality isn’t over.”

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England added, “It’s fantastic that for the last twenty years the organisers of Brighton & Hove Pride have worked so hard to put on this event which has gained an international reputation.

“I’m proud to be taking part in Saturday’s celebrations and I hope they’ll show that Brighton & Hove continues to be a place where we are proud to openly celebrate the diversity of our community.

“As a member of the European Parliament I welcome this year’s international theme.

“As much as Saturday is a chance to celebrate and party, it is also a chance to highlight that around the world many people still face persecution because of their sexuality.

“I will be highlighting the work the European Parliament does to raise these issues and I hope that Pride will send a strong message of support to LGBT people worldwide.”


*Brighton and Hove City Council LGBT Champions were introduced by the Green-led council to keep the profile and needs of the city’s LGBT population prominent in political decision-making in the city.

Well i work in Rochdale and the checks we have are intense so why is there an issue in Salford

problems with superbugs

A council care home is to be partly-gutted and re-furbished after a string of C-Diff outbreaks.

The Limes in Salford – which provides respite care for people after they leave hospital – has been shut for more than 50 days since March last year due to infections.

Over the last year, it has had to repeatedly stop admitting patients due to both C-Diff and the vomiting bug Norovirus.

A team of medical experts has now made a string of recommendations in order to banish the bugs for good.

As a result council bosses have agreed to spend £170,000 ripping out much of its interior and installing a range of safety measures. A report admits that the town hall could face legal action if it does not act swiftly – and warns that it must tackle the problem in order to stop Care Quality Commission regulators stepping in