How times change are LABOUR TODAY the old Liberal Democrats the party where the protest vote goes?

Last week at the Liberal Democrat conference Nick Clegg tried to colonise the centre ground, telling reporters “if people want just protest politics, if they want a sort of ‘I don’t like the world let me get off’ party, they’ve got one. It’s called the Labour Party.”. In reality today we see people voting  Labour as the the dustbin vote the party of protest,how  Labour as a NATIONAL party or for example Salford Labour cannot be taken seriously when no policy comes forward they rely on attacking the bogey men of politics the Tories. Ask for Policy and they dry up.ask will they revert the Tory cuts No,if this is a choice i don’t want it.

A Taste of Salford

September 22, 2012

Today saw the annual Taste of Salford event where residents could sample some of the regions finest foods, but more importantly engage with their councillors and see how various council departments and partner agencies function. Citizens also met the City Mayor to have their input into the future vision for Salford.

Below are a few photos of the event.Mental%20Health%20drop%20in%20campaigners%20confront%20the%20Mayor

Sorry the spin comes off Labours website the reality of the picture comes off the star,what Labour want you to see and the stark reality of life in Salford under a mayor who is never seen. He promised us the earth and gave us nothing in return and  he takes a £95,000 salary for the privilege, could you imagine nine more teaching assistants for the same price.Do you think Stewart is worth the cost we pay from our Taxes each year? and today Labour walk the street telling you to vote for a Labour police commissioner don’t be fooled all you will get is one more ex Labour MP who thinks he is that sure to win he offer no real manifesto.