Perhaps if Mr Stewart is worried about his image he should first try to learn the Job

Salford mayor Ian Stewart has hired a controversial spin doctor dubbed ‘the Alistair Campbell of the north’ in a bid to improve his image.

Labour stalwart Matt Finnegan is to take over as Mr Stewart’s communications supremo.

The appointment has been slammed as political by critics – who say Mr Finnegan’s salary, which has not been announced, should be paid for by the party and not the taxpayer.

Mr Finnegan, 55, was a member of Tony Blair’s 1997 general election press team.

He hit the headlines in 2005, when he was suspended as Liverpool council’s £65,000-a-year public-relations boss after becoming embroiled in a row between the council’s top brass.

A town hall audit team discovered emails between Mr Finnegan and the then council leader Mike Storey, apparently plotting to ease chief executive Sir David Henshaw out of his post as chief executive. Mr Finnegan quit ahead of a disciplinary hearing, saying he was the victim of a ‘smear campaign’.

Does that not really show what Salford labours leadership really is? he fails to come to terms with the job so he hires a spin doctor with a dubious past,well Mr Stewart if you are so worried about your image pay him your bloody self,the people of this city are being screwed enough.

Funny really

You have a Labour Council that sells the land Pendlebury market sits on and with a stroke of a pen destroyed a market.It did little to try to fix the parking problems within the area.It sat and had summits over the precinct which amounted to nothing, The parking issue remained, thousands of pounds were spent on residents parking which cured nothing only to move the problem and to make it worse they bring in a charge which raised bugger all in their own parking system  but made the problem grow and today thousands more is spent on a parking scheme to cure a fault labour caused and the Swinton South Councillors think they have a successSmilewell when ASDA comes and no one can park during the building people will go else where to shop and guess what we can all sit and blame the idiots who made the mess in the first place Salford Labour.

Had to smile

Less successful so far is my equally incessant campaign to have Park Avenue re surfaced. The road that runs alongside Victoria Park is the only access the residents have to their homes and it has fallen into disrepair with large holes and ruts that are difficult for elderly residents to negotiate. At first the residents were told that the road was unadopted and they would have to pay the costs, estimated at more than £50,000 but the road is in fact a designated footpath and therefore there is hope it can be added to the council footpath programme. The next report is due to go to the environmental task group on November 13th and we will continue to press for these improvements.100_1636100_1636ddd

Good to see  Labour succeeding,oh by the way Mrs Merret Deans road is in Swinton North and i am sure Derk Antrobus will need the residents parking for his LeafletSmile.Like i say Swinton South Councillors would not know the way around without a map.

Well my heart goes out tonight

Today i witnessed a women who over the past 18 months has suffered in her private life ,in two weeks she is about to loose her home,but a ray of hope today our city councils housing offered her a home,they asked her to come to the local offices with her references and,being a past councillor and ex neighbour i  gladly provided her with one,to her surprise the house had been abandoned   water was gushing through the tinned up windows and the housing company did not even have a key! so today the only alternative she may have is temporary accommodation. Well if the options for a better future that was peddled to our residents in regard to social housing were believed at the time i really think they should be re looked at.