Well does the right hand have a clue what the left is doing in Labours mecca?


Star date: 29th November 2012


Salford Council has issued a court summons for non payment of Council Tax on a house it actually bought and demolished earlier this year, after forcing the occupant out with a Compulsory Purchase Order.

The former occupant now has until his Magistrates Court hearing on December 6th to pay over £750.

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Courtesy of the peoples mag the Salford star

Green Party calls for alternative to Coalition housing plans

28 November 2012

Speaking on the BBC’s Newsnight, Boles claims that the proportion of England’s developed land should increase from the existing 9% to 12% – an increase of 1,500 square miles, equivalent to two and a half times the size of Greater London.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, said: “While it’s clear that we need urgent action from the Government to address the UK’s housing crisis, this should not mean whole swathes of our countryside being swallowed up by development as Mr Boles has suggested.

“The minister’s desire to rapidly increase housing development on greenfield sites does nothing to address underlying issues affecting the availability of housing, such as Government cuts to the affordable housing budget and the failure to tackle long-term empty homes – with approximately 300,000 homes in England currently uninhabited.

“Housing should be at the top of the government’s list of spending priorities – the campaign group Homes for Britain says that every £1 spent on housing puts £3 into the economy – and for every £1 spent on construction, government gets 56p back in reduced welfare payments.

“Nor does the minister address the practise of ‘land banking’ – purchasing land for development, then refusing to build upon it until the value has increased, which contributes to the problem of 1.5 million brownfield sites that are suitable for development being left unused.”

Ms. Bennett said: “Rather than riding roughshod over planning rules meant to protect our natural heritage, we need to see greater use of city and town brownfield sites, reuse existing industrial and office buildings as homes, and to look at how we can bring empty homes into use.

“This in part means restoring regional development policies that can rebalance our economy away from London and the South East.

“We should also be replacing regressive and business-damaging council tax and business rates with a land value tax, which would discourage speculation, ‘land banking’, and open up already existing development sites for use

Enough to make your stomach churn?


The `not for profit’ housing trust which manages over 14,500 former council homes in West Salford, actually managed to make a `surplus’ of over £11million during the last financial year…as its Fat Cats got fatter!

The highest paid Director at City West got an `emoluments’ package of £152,153, excluding pension, in the year to March 2012 – a rise of almost £23,000 on the previous year.

Altogether five City West Directors got paid over £100,000 in the 2012 financial year, compared to four the previous year.

Also earning from being on the Board in 2012 were Salford City Councillors Robin Garrido (£1,310), James Dawson (£1,896), Joe Kean (£1,686) and Adrian Brocklehurst (£1,613).

Councillor Brocklehurst left the board in June 2012, to be replaced by Councillor Michael Wheeler. Altogether, over £22,000 was paid in remunerations and expenses to councillors and tenants/leaseholders who sit on the City West Board.

City West, which made a surplus during the 2011-12 financial year of £11.278million, describes itself as having `charitable objectives’. But during that year made charitable donations of just £3,005. Meanwhile, its employees made donations of £3,901.

Well in comes the latest insult from Mr Charm Councillor Warmisham

Was Negative Norman now it’s the moaning Mole. What a sad man. @Mole45 needs to get a life. @SalfordGreens unrepresentative for Salford.

08:05 AM – 28 Nov 12

The reality is we are to stay and we will try to inform the people in any way we can of the failures of Salford Labour under Mr Stewart. you state we are unrepresentative for Salford, i find that amusing why? well only today we were in Langworthy and we were given one email from one  resident that was received from one of Mr Stewarts Assistant mayors,i will not use the case tonight because i will be using it on Leaflets and off course contacting the press, it shows the arrogance of a party that feels it does not have to answer to the electorate,He states i should get a life, well sadly we don’t have the benefit of your vast public funded allowances or union backing,we don’t have the benefits of weekly propaganda column, so i use the blog to inform the people of what you and your colleagues are doing,perhaps your right i have not had the benefits of your council success Children’s services,Adult social services and of course painting but i think i would take my life to yours any day.The party is growing i am confident we are attracting excellent candidates and please god by 2014 we should have a great candidate for Langworthy.Your Mayor promised the earth and gave nothing, Your Councillors are never seen, and your Budget should be worth the wait to see what else you cut or who’s wages you slash.  What makes you think your or your colleagues are representative ,i thank you for your comment of course i will use it over the coming months along with Other gems.Lets hope the people start to see sense,i ask the people to think this year,the Liberal Democrats are no more,the Tories get lost outside of worsley,so perhaps they should think why do Labour attack us? well we think in reality we are serious opposition the shame is there are no Elections this year. PS i spoke with our retired but active ex Chair tonight over your comment and i thought you may wish to read his reply,he smiled and said no worry he had heard Ducks Fart before.

One comment tonight showing the depth of ill feeling developing over the Dock crane issue

What a load of Rubbish Mr Stewart,you and your cronies on the council are determined to wipe out any trace of the Salford we once knew. I was born and grew up near the docks and well remember standing at the dock gates,watching the cranes unload ships from around the world.You as a Scot would not understand the feelings of real Salford people
when they see the last vestige of the old docks vanishing before their eyes,your planners have decimated what was once a thriving community, and in doing so, have tried to destroy the pride of old Salford, yes, we were poor but we had scruples and morals, qualities that the present people who run the city are lacking in,The docks were a symbol of the industrial heritage of our city and our part in the industrial revolution, so, in allowing those cranes to be demolished on the grounds of uneconomical cost, you are allowing your planning department to do what they have wanted to do for years and obliterate any signs that the docks ever were there, I seem to remember that, in the past, a sum of money was ringfenced to pay for the upkeep of these iconic cranes, please tell me what happened to that money? and, in conclusion I would ask that you reconsider the options

Reg Howard.

Do you have a view are Labour ripping the heart out of this city, i think Reg shares the view of most true Salfordians Labour have got this one wrong,big time.

No money to save historic Salford Cranes, says Mr Stewart

No money to save historic Salford Cranes, say council

Historic remains of Salford Docks

are to be demolished because Salford Council doesn’t have £1m to save them.

Two cargo cranes, situated at Ontario Basin, Salford Quays, were an iconic fixture in the mercantile heyday of the docks.
But Salford Council say they are now in such a state of disrepair that it could cost £1 million to restore them.

I wonder would he like to donate part of his salary and possibly the Labour Councillors,and the Chief executive, if they would perhaps it may spur the people to help save them. But can you see any one on the labour Benches dip their hands in their pockets,in your dreams.I wonder what’s left of the dock community have to say?some scrap dealer will be rubbing their hands when Mr Stewart turns up with them.

Well many of you can read the Stars latest column and make up your own mind but serious question need answers that Labour seem reluctant to answer.

I am getting really concerned on how since Mr Stewart has come to power there seems great difficulty in getting answers to the most simplest of questions,i have tried to gain answers myself, how? by going through the process of putting in a freedom of information request,the Star say they are having issues so i put the process to the test and true to form after 20 working days nothing,i made contact with the mayors office yesterday to  enquire over the process,and to be honest i was contacted by the mayors PA and told she would look in to the problem and i still wait,i have decided to give them till Friday and then take the next steps to gain the information.Do they have something to hide? i hope not,people say you should not be afraid to question you elected representatives, sadly if you cannot get the information needed to ask the question the point seems wasted.Mr Stewart the people are getting angry you are failing to produce the goods,and soon the Tories will no longer pass for your excuse of not coming up with the answers..