Well crimes going down in Salford the papers say, shame the people i spoke with today feel different.

Six hours into buying a new car one Little Hulton resident rang to say he his short of two door locks and one indicator arm.You see that is reality of crime in Salford constant, what makes it worse the response he got was a day late and a visit from a PCSO who kindly knocked on his door in full view of the local villains.So the man is sleeping in the front room in fear his car will be gone before his first months insurance payment is up.And what ever stats new LABOUR and our £100,000 police commissioner give you i suggest you put them in the same place as Ian Stewarts manifesto promises the bin. 

What future for the Conservative party?

Strange how people can talk of modernisation of the Tory party, at 57 i have seen no change in it’s make up or policies, only the reinvention of a leader who could sell cars very easily if pushed to do so a sharp suited salesman with a silver spoon .From the Thatcherism period of attacks on single parents,and those with the inability to fight back,the jobless,the sick and the infirm, we have witnessed a party with the same goals never flinching in it’s vision, only adding this time the destruction of those who for what ever reason work for the state or need it’s help and guidance to survive.It’s not just a national obsession it reaches even down to those who preach the wonders of Conservatism to the converted hear in Salford, they also practice the vision that cuts are for the good of the people.It saddens me that they are the only people left to oppose what is left of Labours old guard in the city, i hope this coming year will offer us all some good cheer  but after 12 months of Labour under Mr Stewart and his failed promises and a party who’s only future is failure at the polls in 2014 and 15 it worries me what we will have left to pick up.

Question to Salford Conservatives

Would i be wrong in presuming you support in full all the cuts that in the opinion of many, our selves included are ripping the heart out of services and the communities of cities like our own.I would ask also do you not think this country is fast becoming a society of those who have, and those who do not. We have seen under Thatcher how a generation of our youth was sent to the scrapheap we never felt we would see a return,it concerns me that the Labour group  running this city are ether clueless or are so poorly lead under Mr Stewart that they have never ripped your policies to pieces.Sadly what we appear to see are a group more content on self interest than that of the people it claims to represent.

Joe Cooney‏@CllrJoeCooney

For council Leaders to suggest civil unrest in their cities due to funding reductions is nothing short of shameful & headline chasing antics

This was a tweet from a Conservative which seem to mock a newspaper article over funding reductions, lets hope he has no need to eat is words,my feeling is that unrest is growing i witnessed riots over Mrs Thatcher’s poll tax,in the early days of this administration we all witnessed how people took to the streets,how much do the Tories think the poor,the sick and the unemployed can take before the people do rise up in total unrest?