One serious issue relating to Salford Council going on in Liverpool this week sad part is i can’t write about it.

But with luck it should leak out very soon,if any one as a story they think would be of interest drop me a line if it’s fit to print we can run with it. If you are a Salford Tenant tell us what you think over the rent raises,thanks for the tips peeps but make sure your facts are right it’s a lot more work some times seeking clarification.

Well it seems the mayor can’t even get it right when it comes down to increasing the price of a beer

Serious issue every one understand the health issues we have in Salford with binge drinking and drugs but when he and is spin doctor raise the issue on Salford online he gets a kicking,the reality is fellow activist we have a target he will become Labours weak spot so i ask all opposition parties in Salford go for it hell for leather.

Fresh of the star read it and weep salix tenants

Star date: 30th January 2013


Salford Mayor Ian Stewart is set to rubber stamp an increase in costs for social homes this Friday, which will put monthly rent and service payments up by over £14 per month from April. And this is on top of Bedroom Tax payments for some of around £13 a week, also being introduced this April.

Meanwhile, according to the last set of available accounts for Salix Homes, its Chief Executive was paid £105,411, plus a car allowance of £925, plus he was eligible for a performance bonus of up to £10,000.

Full story here…

Steve kingstons site needs wider publicity if you have the web pass on the address to every one ..

So if you work you can’t get to the £100k labour PPC to raise your concerns

PCC to meet Salford to map out police budget

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd is to go in front of Salford people tomorrow to face questions on the police budget.

The meeting takes place on Wednesday 30 January at 11.30am at Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton

I wonder who the hell does he think he will get to come apart from retired Labour hacks!!

Please Mr Stewart give us a clue what the hell is going on


Historic Ordsall Hall is to face Friday closure, forcing school kids and the public to miss visits, in an effort by Salford Community Leisure (SCL) to save £25,000. But the Salford Star can reveal that two Executive Directors of SCL, which took over the running of the Hall from Salford Council, received pay rises of over £18,000 between them in the last financial year.

Check out the article in full on the Salford Star