Thought of the day

You have to think over this statement from one Swinton South Councillor at a meeting i attended.

When i was elected almost four years ago i wrote to David Cameron and asked him to come to the Valley estate and visit where the poor people live. I nearly fell off my chair so does he think because we live in Social Housing  we are poor? i lived in Social housing most of my life and proud of it,but perhaps we all don’t have the benefit of a large home.I will of course use the quote on leaflets running up to may 2014 asking the peoples view on how out of touch Labour are with the realities of life in Salford.

Finished our stint in Swinton South off to the next ward and there are question to be asked of Labour.

During our stint with the Liberal Democrats we always spent time on walkabouts that way you meet the people and take on board their issues,to our surprise yesterday  we were told since we had finished residents had seen nothing of Labour,one man told us he had emailed one Swinton South Councillor and had not even had the decency of a reply as for the MP!! this part i had to censor.But in reality with one Swinton South Labour councillor  on full sick pay for how long who knows,and the other two well what with the Pendleton PFI  and well what the other one does it comes as no surprise..We felt that the people we spoke with felt there was a total lack of representation within the ward.