What do Salfords Mayor and Red Ed Milliband have in common?

Ed Miliband’s just done an interview on The World at One, in which he basically got taken apart by Martha Kearney. How long would Labour’s proposed cut in VAT be in place, she asked. “For about a year”, he answered. About a year? What the hell does that mean? Eleven months? Ten months? A decade?

“How would you find the funding for the VAT cut?” she asked, not once but twice. Ed couldn’t answer.

What would Ed’s priority be as Prime Minister, she probed. Growth to lower the deficit, he replied. “But you would borrow more,” Kearney hit back. Ed didn’t really have a response. Probably because he would.

The Labour Party has got an odd strategy for managing Ed Miliband at the moment. Earlier today I watched the party’s latest party political broadcast. It’s all Ed. Ed on a train, (inevitably). Ed on his People’s Pallet. Ed pointing at startled onlookers and shouting “Hello sir!!!”

It’s not actually a bad video. But the problem is it’s got Ed Miliband in it. And Ed Miliband isn’t an asset to his party at the moment,

he’s a liability just like Salfords MayorSmile

Thought of the day

Have you ever thought how many none jobs there are at Salford Council mainly filled by Salford Labour.What is a none job? well take for instance the Assistant mayor for international relations i mean come on do we need one? same goes for technology apart from filling in Labours web site what’s he done. The Ceremonial mayor why do we need two. A mayor and a Chief executive just think the money we could save if we dispense with one post. And it goes on and for each saving we could create real jobs but not in Labour land and there’s no one in council to oppose. 

Read it and weep the latest from Mr Kingston


Star date: 29th April 2013


Hard up Salford Council, which states it hasn’t enough money to make its home decent to live in, is this year spending around £1million, including £250,000 for consultants, on “costs associated with the stock options”. This is basically the price tag around the vote on whether to privatise its social housing, currently run by Salix Homes. The Bedroom Tax adds spice to the upcoming debate…

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David Cameron branded the UK Independence Party “fruit cakes” and “closet racists” today.

The Tory leader attacked Ukip after it said it would use the Freedom of Information Act to try to force him to reveal backers who had secretly lent the Conservatives money.

He said it was just trying to make mischief, telling London radio station LBC radio: “Ukip is sort of a bunch of … fruit cakes and loonies and closet racists mostly”.

Bring it on David me old sonSmile