But like always Mr Kingston rises the worry of many Salford Residents,We have seen the shambles and the propaganda war from Salford Labour with it’s last housing give away,perhaps we should be looking what life is like under a private housing company,we were only last week on  one housing estate where many residents are blighted by anti social behaviour,and the efforts of the company involved nothing. I wonder will we still see Mrs Merrett getting her salary for Housing Mayor when we have no housing? answers on a post card.

I wonder if Cameron was at the front he would be so quick to attack

I often wondered how people like Cameron and Blair would react if they were on the front line of a conflict dodging bullets,no we all know that will never happen but if it did they look like the type of  people that would be quick to ask for a resolution.  We cannot act as the policeman of the world we are no longer a major power,if we struggle to pay pensions and protect our sick and disabled we cannot fight wars,I sometimes ask myself the burning question that why do we not see more responses from the rich Arab states?they have the money let them pay to clear up the mess. If we have to fight lets fight under the banner of the united Nations and not under the banner of bully boys or regime change.Assad will one day pay the price but he should face the judgement of his own people,i have no doubt he will face the fate of the Iraq leader at the end of a rope.