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Angry locals demand return to weekly bin collections and a cleaner Salford

By Teresa McMahon
All pictures by SalfordOnline.com readers
Local residents are up in arms about what they say is an increase of rubbish on the city’s streets.

Angelo Amoroso, 27, from Salford has started a petition to demand that bins are returned to a weekly collection as he says that the maggots, bluebottles and rats the filthy rubbish is attracting is so dangerous that it could cause a health epidemic.
He told SalfordOnline.com: “It’s disgusting. People who have bigger families are affected more, and people who have pets. For example, you have to put nappies and dog mess in the same bin and it’s attracting flies and maggots and even rats.
“That bin then sits in your garden for two weeks in this heat. It’s dangerous.”

The reality the streets are a filthy mess where is our Environmental Mayor!!!!!!! Put me down on your petition.