Salford Labour boast victory on a 14% turnout but i suppose any crumb helps.

Labour have held on to the post of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, but Ukip saw a surge in support.

Alan Billings won on first preference votes, narrowly avoiding a second-round contest, despite the party’s campaign being hampered by controversy over the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.

The turnout was 14.8 per cent

. That was made up of 3.5 per cent at polling stations and 11.7 per cent at polling stations. 

Mr Billings won with 74,060 votes, 50.02%, with Ukip’s Jack Clarkson taking second place on 46,883, 31.66%.

The reality is the post is a joke and no one gives a damn,but in May we will see a fight.

I wonder what Milliband wants for Christmas?

Labour faces WIPEOUT in Scotland: As Miliband flies to Glasgow, shocking new poll shows his party is on verge of collapse

Labour currently has 40 Scottish seats at Westminster compared with the SNP’s six. 

However, since the 2010 election the Labour party has struggled in Scotland while the SNP appears to have been boosted by Nicola Sturgeon replaced Alex Salmond as leader.

Mr Miliband’s hopes of securing a majority in the Commons depend on holding, or even gaining, seats in Scotland. 

Blairs ramblings Border control good stopping immigration bad,from the man who opened the flood gates.

1414573285453_wps_6_EXC_PRINT_BEFORE_WEB_CalaMr Blair admitted that border controls were important to ensure people do not feel they have “lost control over their communities and their lives” but said that stopping immigration would be a “disaster” for Britain.

The intervention follows attempts by the Labour Party to harden its stance on immigration after almost losing the supposedly safe seat of Heywood and Middleton to Ukip.

Mr Miliband recently pledged to legislate on immigration within weeks of entering Number 10 if he wins the next election, while Labour MPs have reportedly been ordered to hold meetings with constituents on the topic to increase understanding.