It must be time to get out!!!

It has been confirmed that the European Commission is taking legal action to make Britain lift restrictions that prevent some migrants from claiming child benefit and tax credit in the UK after plans announced by David Cameron last week. It comes as figures show that 24,000 families living in Britain claim child benefit for children who live abroad. The payments of up to £89 per month are generous in comparison to other EU countries such as Romania where they receive only £7.60 per month.

One more strained service…..

Is THIS why you wait so long to see your GP? Half a million immigrants are signing up at doctors surgeries every year

  • Many surgeries are leading new arrivals to believe that all care is free
  • This is despite the fact migrants should pay for expensive treatment
  • Around 500,000 immigrants are signing up with GP surgeries every year
  • Experts believe that 200,000 of those signing up are from within the EU

What’s wrong with this story.

    Why is Next hiring thousands of cheap Eastern European workers to staff English warehouse – in area where more than 200,000 are on the dole – before they even advertise the jobs here?

    • ‘Busloads’ of Polish workers arrive at Next’s warehouse in West Yorkshire

    • Unemployment higher than average in Humber and Yorkshire with 218,000 out of work

    • Reports that Polish agency has sent 7,000 people to work at Next already

    • Operations director at Polish firm said he received 100 calls a day asking about Next jobs

    • Next says it currently uses about 250 Polish workers and hires up to 500 a year

    • Spokesman claims the firm ‘simply cannot recruit enough people locally


        If Next say they can’t get recruits locally then i would be asking why?

        Why are next advertising Abroad surely we should be demanding first pick for are own people.

        Questions need to be asked and quickly.