How worried must Labour be to issue this?opps better watch what i say on the site….

6.5 Monitoring local UKIP activity
Monitoring local UKIP activity will play a key part in Labour’s attack and rebuttal work
against UKIP. Statements by UKIP candidates and councillors and copy on UKIP
campaign materials can be used in counter-UKIP campaigning at the local and national
level. Therefore, all local parties should collect any UKIP materials distributed in your
constituency, and monitor the social media accounts of UKIP candidates and councillors.

Please send all UKIP leaflets and any relevant UKIP social media activity to
Campaigns should also keep an eye on the Election Leaflets website, where you can
select your seat to see which leaflets are being distributed locally. See here:

Please if you live in Salford and are suffering due to the cuts read this full story on the Salford star,the only online mag not afraid to print the facts.

Screen Shot 12-29-14 at 08.56 AM

Read it in full then ask yourself what the hell is going on in Salford!!! why are

we seeing services slashed while large sums of our cash yes our cash end up in

Labours white Elephant. And what infuriates me more is what the hell is the

so called Tory opposition doing to rein in Labour?

Labour can Call me a racist or a fascist but ask yourself a question.


Why today are we seeing people like this sleeping rough on our streets?why have

we lost our feelings towards people who have hit a low patch in their lives forgotten

by the overpaid and overweight bodies who claim to be running our cities? clueless!

we close shelters and cut funding to those most in need while feeding large sums

of cash in aid.What did the man say charity begins at home and i for one believe

we should be placing our cash on the emergencies we see growing in our cities

first and foremost, change is needed within our political systems both Labour and the Tories

have failed miserably they grow fat while others amongst us less fortunate suffer.