The leaders view

What matters is that we succeed on May 7 and that we get a good number of Ukip MPs over the line and that in hundreds of constituencies in this country we have the opportunity to build ourselves from second position in those seats as the real oppostion.

And I certainly think that in the north of England this election will see Ukip emerge as the opposition to the Labour party virtually anywhere from Birmingham to Hadrian’s Wall.

I can tell you I am optimistic, I am upbeat, I am bullish, we are going to exceed all expectations, we are going to win lots of seats in this general election and I hope very much to be leading this party, not just into this general election, but into all the elections to come. In years to come we have elections in Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland and London and we are genuinely now the only truly national party in British politics.

Well Labour sit quite while the Tories hand us the heath cash

Six Billion big ones seems a lot but surely there are so many questions.we have seen how Labour deal with cash they squander most. What happens if the pot runs dry

who bails us out? can’t  you see it more you want more, and it’s out the bloody door. I hate the thought of Labour running anything and god with this jackpot you had better

stock up on sticking plaster because i can see the house come crashing down.

Fresh off the peoples paper the Salford Star hard to believe…


Star date: 26th February 2015


Salford Council spent £2,202.50 filming yesterday’s cuts meeting, which included £202.50 for `travel and accommodation’ for company Public-i to get to Salford (home of MediaCityUK) to stream the meeting.

Freedom of Information responses show that the Council has commissioned three webcasts from Public-i since December at a cost of £6,607.50, plus £3,000 from Digital Tree Media for screening two previous meetings – which all centred around cuts to services for vulnerable people in Salford.

More of the same from the city Mayor

Vulnerable people in Salford will suffer as a result of government funding cuts, the city’s mayor said.

Salford City Council approved cuts of £31m for the next year, with a further 15% cut the following year.

Ian Stewart said some vulnerable people “will no longer get the services they need.”

but rest assured Labours councillors will not suffer assistant Mayors to spare but who cares there is not one bit of opposition

worthy of note.

Conservative failure on immigration

Mr Cameron made reducing net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’ a key 2010 election promise. Yet, despite some initial progress, it had reached 260,000 in the year to June 2014.

Experts believe today’s figures could be even worse – and will leave the Tories fighting the election with net migration higher than the 244,000 figure inherited from Labour.

Last week, the separate Labour Force Survey showed migrant workers were continuing to pour into the UK in huge numbers. Over 12 months, the number of Eastern Europeans rose by almost 200,000.