Well if Labours Tony Lloyd appears to be failing the city and the PCOS are stretched to the limit is it time to ask Night Warrior to come out of retirement?

No Joke, really something needs to be done and questions need to be asked, Grenades and machetes  today what will we see tomorrow? serious crime is an issue

which needs dealing with today,we need a safe environment without fear and today i see fear i dread to see the possibility of  innocent people  being hurt.

What is going on in Salford? where is Mr LLOYD Salford Labours crime supremo while the city is under threat?

A shooting at a car wash in Wigan could be linked to a grenade attack in Salford just hours earlier.

A man suffered serious injuries when he was blasted by a masked gunman who fired several shots at the car wash on Bolton Road in Ashton-in-Makerfield.

The gunman, who was wearing a balaclava, stepped out of a white car and opened fire.

The victim is being treated for gunshot wounds to his abdomen following the drama at 5.20pm on Monday.

Detectives believe the shooting is the latest incident between warring factions in Salford’s criminal underworld.

Great to receive Mrs Long Baileys leaflet today.but what a surprise looking at me when i opened it.

The Ex Salford Liberal Democrat leader in his new position as Weaste and Seedley Labour activist,hmm i wonder is this the same man who battled hard against Labour and  attacked them at every turn?

must be me, perhaps i got it all wrong.perhaps it was all a dream perhaps i had to many sherbets will i ever find out, but it does make for a more interesting count.

I just wondered if some Labour Blogs in Salford would care to shift their daily topics in regards to Racist and fascist and discuss this?or am i asking to much.


Star date: 30th March 2015


Did someone say something about protecting pensioners? In two days time, Salford Council is set to push through £495,000 of cuts to supporting older people in sheltered housing schemes run by the likes of City West, Anchor, Irwell Valley and Great Places.

From April, some elderly tenants will be charged up to £25 a month extra, while others will lose support services as wardens are ‘rationalised’

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