Langworthy Labour Councillor losing the plot?



    1. John Warmisham@Cllrjwarmisham 2h2 hours ago

      Seems @Mole45 has resigned as Salford UKIP chair. Jumped before he was pushed I was told by certain UKIP members. Another party next?


Ok Joe

You are irreplaceable but best of luck with your campaign.

Kind Regards

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STACEY OLSEN UKIP@RinkTinkTink Protected Tweets 3h3 hours ago

@Mole45 you did a great job joe.

Reality from real members unlike the delusion suffered from Cllr Warmisham. I wonder if he would like some more?

Surely this is a concern.


C of E crisis as it loses 1.7m followers – and Islam gains 900,000: Former Archbishop Lord Carey warns: ‘Church is a generation from extinction’

  • Lord Carey called for urgent action to reverse slump in followers
  • Britons identifying themselves as C of E or Anglican dropped to 17 per cent
  • Current Archbishop Justin Welby has also said decline needs tackling
  • Government statistician says figures are ‘very serious’ for Church

It worries me personally in the change, what path is the country taking what of our future? are we really losing what many hold proud, Labour wanted a multicultural society has their experiment failed?many i speak with daily feel  like strangers within the  their own country.

Is Salford Labours last stronghold


It was bad enough for Labour on Election night. But it’s only now, three weeks afterwards, that the full scale of the party’s defeat is properly beginning to sink in.

Ed Miliband’s notorious ‘Ed stone’ listing his promises on a giant slab, has turned out to be not just his own political tombstone, but the Labour Party’s too, after 115 years.

It would have been more accurate if the words ‘RIP socialism’ had been carved into the slab, a reflection of the bitter irony that it took the son of a Marxist to bury the creed for ever.

Ed Miliband’s notorious ‘Ed stone’ listing his promises on a giant slab, has turned out to be not just his own political tombstone, but the Labour Party’s too, after 115 years

One by one, Labour’s leadership candidates are rapidly disowning every element of Miliband’s manifesto, and pretending that they never really had anything to do with it.

They realise – and you’d have to be spectacularly blinkered not to see it – that Labour’s programme was comprehensively trounced on May 7.

I find it strange we see a council full of people many holding unbelievable titles to claim allowances IE assistant mayor for international relations and housing when we control no more social housing stock and yet keep their post without any questioning of the viability of the position and still cry foul over the cuts and austerity packages,surely this city cannot be that blinkered to ask   what the hell is going on.

Put in my resignation this week as Salford UKIP chair.


Loved the challenge but i really need to concentrate on Swinton South,i spent more time dealing with issues than actual campaigning, if Labour are to be taken out i will have to increase my workload and redouble my efforts, May is a long way off but it gives me a chance to prepare.10 second places and two sets of PPCs put in  place not a bad record to go out on.

Hmm any thoughts on this?


Labour leadership favourite Andy Burnham in expenses row over claiming £17,000 a year to rent London flat – despite having his own nearby

  • Shadow health secretary paid £1,449.98 a month to cover rent for a flat
  • Mr Burnham owns own two-bed flat within walking distance of Westminster
  • He began renting after MPs were banned from claiming mortgage interest
  • Former standards commissioner criticised the arrangement as ‘wrong’