It worries me all these Trots wearing Labour badges think their doing voting for a man who makes statements like this.

Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn said the assassination of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden was a ‘tragedy’

  • Jeremy Corbyn said bin Laden should not have received the ‘death penalty’
  • He called it a ‘tragedy’ after 9/11 attacks and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Critics called it ‘frightening’ that Mr Corbyn called for bin Laden to be tried
  • Spokesman said: ‘Jeremy is a total opponent of Al Qaeda, all it stands for’

I wonder what our American allies must be thinking and the families of the dead British servicemen. The man is a throwback from the old days of British Leyland strikes and tin baths but

why worry the Labour party lefties may vote for him but the British Public will leave him the same as they did Foot.

Will comrade Corbyn offer back the Falkland’s if ever he came to power?

Well my answer to  that is simple first he would have to seek a mandate from the British people, the Falkland islanders  inclusive of the relatives of many of the brave men who fought and died their, could that happen? no.  Corbyn will lead Labour for decades into the political wilderness and to that end we will never have to suffer his out-dated socialist policies.

Well said Frank Field


If the Prime Minister can’t stop this immigration catastrophe, the British will do it for him…by voting to quit Europe: It is Britain’s very stability that is now under threat, writes Labour MP Frank Field

  • David Cameron is facing the biggest political crisis of his premiership
  • Migrant issue engulfing Europe has potential to wash his government away
  • Must realise that there’s not just one migration crisis that he faces, but four
  • We must now regain control of our borders,

Cameron accused of missing a pair

Ex-Army head: PM is to blame for rise of ISIS: Damning accusation by Chief of Staff in explosive new Cameron biography

  • General Sir David Richards launches attack on Cameron’s Libya record
  • Said PM was too interested in pursuing a ‘Notting Hill liberal agenda’
  • Revelations come in an explosive new biography by Sir Anthony Seldon
  • Book provides dramatic account of behind-the-scenes rows in Cameron’s Government

The former head of Britain’s Armed Forces has blamed David Cameron for the rise of Islamic State, saying he lacked ‘the balls’ to crush them militarily when they first emerged as a threat

I love these stories but i wish people in high office would speak out when it matters four weeks before the May election!!!!!