Absolute bloody disgrace.

Britain hasn’t actually got the £12billion we give in foreign aid – we BORROW it. And you won’t believe what we spend it on…

  • Singing coaches fly around world teaching British songs for £1.1m project
  • BBC made radio drama for Somalia and Kenya about migrant boat journey
  • Drama funded by BBC Media Action, which gets £90million in hand-outs
  • All this while our own people use food banks and sleep rough!!!!

I was wondering do Labour have a loyalty list for Mr Dennett .

Labour loyalty list is a ‘****ing disaster’: MP’s outburst after list ranking every party politician according to their loyalty to Corbyn is revealed

  • MP John Woodcock made outburst after Cameron referred to list on PMQs
  • He sent a Tweet that the ‘stupid ****ing list makes us into a laughing stock’
  • Intended it as a private message but accidentally published it to followers
  • Labour plunged into a fresh bout of infighting after details of list emerged
  • Party source says it’s an example of the party’s ‘slow dissent into insanity’
  • Ed Miliband is in second most disloyal group despite not criticising Corbyn