Ukip may split as favourite for leader is barred: Donor threatens to create rival party

Strange reading this yesterday, It was one of those days where you sat in disbelief when Steven was barred from seeking election. Although not my first choice for leader he fell in a bracket of only three people i felt could have been the  face of UKIP.I wrote to the party yesterday seeking answers, there were worrying aspects that concerned me ,the obvious leaking of data  to the press and had we taken out of the equation one man who the public recognised. I read one email returned to me from a senior member that to be honest summarised yesterdays decision and in realty i feel i have no choice but to live with it. I ask openly today that the likes of Mr Banks and others who donate to carry on offering their support, and the rest of us vote on our new leader and prepare to target where our energy must lay, in the defeat of Labour and the Tory parties in the hope we can force our ideals onto the floor of chambers within Local and central Government.  


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