I wonder how much Salford Labour got for the scrap value of our city heritage,


With the destruction of the cranes,the slow demolishing of the old public houses and the slow ripping away of terraced homes to be replaced by shoe boxes what will be left of the character of the city?.We must be the only city to build without the info structure to support it, all in the search of the every growing community charge.Shame we face a council that tears down schools only to see the ones it built unable to keep pace with demand. A city that fails even to supply a simple thing like night life leaving it’s people the commute to central Manchester  to spend promoting jobs in another city,Planning a topic we seem at odds with ourselves unable to define the product and the need to support it. Aspiration left only for the rich all this while the working class man and women sink further lost like the heritage torn up and wasted by short sited  leadership.  


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