I wonder should we be asking questions when council leaders speak of the aspirations of the people of Salford. What did become of the residents moved out to make way for those that aspired.

In the BBC 1 programme Inside Out Nigel speaks to homeowners who feel they have been let down by the council and claims that new homes built with public money are too expensive for local people to buy.
Both Urban Splash and the council defend their role in the regeneration which has seen £88m of public money spent in the area in the last decade.
John Merry, leader of Salford council, says they have provided properties in the area which meet the personal aspirations of people in Salford. He insists the council has pulled the area out of terminal decline.
Urban Splash defends the cost of the new homes – about £125,000 each. When the scheme was first announced in 2003 the price of the properties were estimated to be £30,000 to £40,000 each.

Homes that many cannot and will never be able to afford,in the past Langworthy today we see the same in pockets of the city, like the quays. What concerns me with the thousands waiting on council waiting lists and private rents reaching never before seen levels what is to become of the working class family looking to aspire.Families that labour are leaving behind.


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