You have to hand it to Corbyns Labour.

merchandise mocking maimed soldiers including a ‘paralysed Action Man’ and leaflets offering ‘free prosthetic limbs’

  • Merchandise sold at a stall run by Momentum, group backing the leader
  • Controversial souvenirs included leaflet advertising Payday Loans 4 Kids
  • Work created by ‘artist’ Darren Cullen but is sold by grassroots movement

A ‘paralysed Action Man’ leaflet mocking veterans with limbs blown off and mugs urging people to join the British Army to ‘make stuff dead’ are being sold by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

The merchandise, being peddled at a stall run by Momentum, the insurgency group backing the leader, was criticised for being highly offensive to veterans.

Other controversial souvenirs included a leaflet advertising ‘Payday Loans 4 Kids’, spoof Army recruitment merchandise advertising ‘free prosthetic limbs’ and a poster depicting a cattle truck with the sign ‘Refugees are Coming’.


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