Steven responds to Jeremy Corbyn’s latest comments on migration at Labour Conference

Steven responds to Jeremy Corbyn’s latest comments on migration at Labour Conference



Jeremy Corbyn says he is ‘relaxed’ about reducing migration levels. Steven Woolfe, UKIP’s Migration Spokesman responds.
“Corbyn’s latest announcement that he is ‘relaxed’ about current migration levels is reckless, irresponsible and selfish. With gross levels of inward migration at a record high, it is yet another example at how out of touch Corbyn is with the British public and his own voters – a clear majority of whom want the government to control and reduce the numbers of coming into the UK.
“Corbyn’s attitude is simply to not control migration levels, but deal with the consequences later on is lazy thinking. He has no real sense or understanding of what the consequences are. He maybe relaxed about it, but many millions of Britons cannot afford to be so relaxed. He fundamentally fails to recognise the serious consequences that mass migration has on wages and communities, especially for many at the bottom of the economic ladder.
“Jeremy Corbyn is now the cheerleader for ‘an open border migration policy’, to be at the heart of Labour’s plans for Britain. It is reckless to ignore the wishes of the British people, irresponsible to state you can deal with consequences when you do not know how many people will come and selfish to promise to spend millions on an imaginary plan.
“In the 21st century, Britain needs an outward looking migration policy, open to the whole world for those with the right skills set and talent, needed in the UK.”


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