Be honest how many times have we heard don’t blame us it’s the Tory cuts? you have, well to be honest they have butchered council finances across the  country causing pain and misery for thousands,but how have we allowed them five more years? perhaps due to the incompetence of the opposition. Were we so afraid of a Labour Government we allowed the Tories more time. Hear in Salford we saw the decimation of the Liberal Democrats a party that once stood proudly in opposition on the no more instead we have a Tory group in line with it’s Government each year on the council budget day their answer,more cuts.I sat today running through the media  archives researching the council and it’s spending under Labour well to be honest the waste,yes we can blame the Tories, but if we are not using the cash we have to it’s full value the ruling group do not deserve to be in power.From ice Rinks to expenses,from bin bags to wheelchairs the list is endless. We tried to gain a voice on the council and today sit as the third party in Salford but until we make the breakthrough like the libs did in the past we can do little,the choice is yours,waste or a party willing to fight and use every penny where it’s needed.


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