Your the racist aren’t you?

Well again i faced the same question,your the racist aren’t you?it came from a middle aged women while i was out with a survey.How in gods name do you answer that,i can’t count the number of close friends i have on one hand who are black,i do have two very close Vietnamese friends so do i fall into the category of racist? surely not, I don’t see colour i see people,people who do every thing i do and just wish to live their lives. I only see colour when the race card is used,The most powerful man in the world is black and even if the American people disagree i have the greatest of respect for the man, The group i work with have been accused of being racist on a daily basis why? because they believe in control.control is not and never will be racist only in the eyes of certain groups who fail to recognise failure to control would only lead to anarchy and that would spread Racism and a danger none of us can afford to except.


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