Don’t forget next time your Labour Cllr calls ask how many boxes he can tick.


  • provides a voice for and help to all members of the community
  • makes decisions on behalf of residents
  • contributes to council policy and strategy
  • has responsibility for scrutiny (checking and monitoring what the council does)
  • has regulatory duties (making sure laws are kept to, e.g. planning and licensing)
  • is a community leader
What does a councillor do for us?
  • holds surgeries, where local people can ask for help or advice
  • follows up on issues raised at these surgeries
  • represents the community within the council and to other organisations
  • develops links with all parts of the community
  • supports local partnerships and organisations
  • campaigns on local issues
  • wins resources for the ward, e.g. money for local organisations or regeneration

There is a new formal role for your councillor – through overview and scrutiny processes – to review council policies and activities.  All councils must have this function and must have one such committee, made up of councillors who are not members of the executive /cabinet. Scrutiny takes in a varied range of activities.  These are:

  • Review and development of the council’s policies
  • Make policy and budget proposals to the council
  • Review of proposed executive decisions
  • Call in or review of decisions before they are implemented
  • Performance monitoring and review
  • Scrutiny of other local organisations, including health Service

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