France are racist no halal meat and large houses for us and they can’t wait to get to Britain. What do the migrants expect here?

Calais migrant France 

Migrants have branded France racist and say they want to come to Britain

The migrants claim they were hoodwinked by French authorities, who told them they would be given a “big house in a big city”, but found themselves holed-up in a dirty former children’s home in rural Normandy with no halal meat in sight.

Before they arrived, locals dumped manure outside their soon-to-be-home and lit a bonfire by way of protest.

Rahmat Ahmadi, 18, says conditions are so bad that many migrants are looking to escape in a bid to find their own way across the Channel.


Rahmat said: “They lied to us migrants.

“They promised we would go from the Jungle to a big house in a city. But they dumped us here in a place with no halal meat in the meals, no internet, and where we sleep ten to a bedroom and the kitchen is covered in flies. 

“The cows over the fence are better cared for than us. We were tricked and we are going to walk out.

“They are racist. We don’t want to stay here and will just leave and go to a city to wait our chance to get to the UK from there.

The sooner we put an iron ring around our borders the better.We must take on Australia’s system as a matter of urgency before it’s to late. 


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