No matter how bleak things may look you can always depend on Salford Labour councillors making sure their allowance pot remains safe,

As Salford Council merrily hands Peel Holdings £9million, as part of its £19million public funding for the RHS Garden in Worsley (see here), it is also about to embark on another cutting spree, at the behest of the Tory Government…

This financial year, 2016-17, Salford Council has a target to save £21.8million, while a Council budget report states there’s another £41.7million cuts to follow over the next three years, if it accepts the Tory Government’s offer of a `funding settlement’ until 2019-20. The Council has until 10th October to respond…

“The current updated medium term financial strategy forecasts savings required in 2016/17 of £21.8m and funding gaps of £14.8m in 2017/18, £14.8m in 2018/19 and £12.1m in 2019/20” states a Council document “This requires the redesign and transformation of services to help deliver the future savings required…”

The problem is that everything that could be `redesigned and transformed’ has already been done under the previous Salford Mayor, Ian Stewart

…Almost all of the city’s council houses were flogged off to Salix Homes, adult social care was `outsourced’ to Aspire, the adult Passenger Transport Unit was axed, health and social care is becoming `integrated’ to `reduce costs’; services for 0-25 year olds have been slashed, a self serve digital policy for residents is being enacted, the bins have been reduced to three weekly collections in parts of the city, and hundreds of council staff have been transferred to private companies or urged to take redundancy.

Meanwhile, the swimming pools, libraries and sports facilities have been hived off to Salford Community Leisure, highways and planning given over to Urban Vision and loads of the city’s schools have been `academised‘…

But still when is a cut not a cut? when labour councillors except one of course.


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