Were you unlucky enough to have problems getting your child into a school of your choice. Would you be prepared to offer us your views on the issues.

Baby boom and immigration rise force Salford council to find 750 extra primary school places

Soaring school rolls have forced town hall bosses to reopen old classrooms and recruit extra teachers. The rocketing number of children wanting places at Salford primaries has been caused by a baby boom and an increase in immigration

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One comment i read on the MEN.

There are no police in manchester,its just an illusion. Every day there are only a handful of cops parading o each shift,even less at night. They rush from area to area to support eachother along with a few unpaid specials and some PCSO’s. The chances of detection are slim and the chances of conviction,even slimmer. Most crimes are closed due to no suspect identified/insuficient evidence.
The crooks know all of this. The public dont,,they think there are loads of coppers out there just like in the old days but in fact, its the wild west.

To be honest when have you seen coppers patrolling the streets take PCSOs on bikes out of the equation what have you got? 

Love this piece off the star.


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There were two favourites for this Award. In close contention was the Greater Manchester Pension Fund, which holds all the pension monies for public sector employees, and is accountable to the ten local councils.

As the councils harped on about homelessness, and Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, was out actually counting rough sleepers, possession orders were served on homeless people who had squatted the old Pizza Express building, off King Street, owned by the Fund. The Fund kicked them out the week before Christmas. Nice…